USA Today - Sep 4 2021

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Clues Answers
'All finished!' DONE
'Have we ___?' MET
'It's ___ a while' BEEN
'Moving the Centre' author NGUGIWATHIONGO
'Oh, brother, this guy stinks!' BOO
'Oui' translation YES
'Sally's Take on the USA Today Crossword' or 'Diary of a Crossword Fiend' BLOG
'Shows what I know!' HOWWRONGIWAS
'Silk Canvas' by VanJess, for example ALBUM
A single time ONCE
Almond, for example NUT
Amazement AWE
Anagram of 17-Across IDEA
Animal similar to a snail SLUG
Assistant AIDE
Ballet garment TUTU
Breathable fabric MESH
Car speed letters MPH
Computer command that reverses an action UNDO
Covered in frozen flakes SNOWY
Discomfort UNEASE
Doesn't continue ENDS
Doesn't interest BORES
Doesn't stay GOES
Donate GIVE
Dragons' places LAIRS
Fly or flea INSECT
Foot part TOE
Furious IRATE
Geico lizard GECKO
Get your ducks ___ row INA
Got away from ELUDED
Greek letter, or the first three letters of a Pennsylvania city PHI
Have a meal DINE
Hens lay them EGGS
Hog's food SLOP
Hog's pen STY
Huskies and such DOGS
It ends in Nov DST
Karaoke device MIC
Clues Answers
Kathmandu's country NEPAL
Lead-in INTRO
Marry WED
Mermaid's home SEA
More or ___ LESS
Nine-___ battery VOLT
Op-___ (newspaper columns) EDS
Opposite of tight LOOSE
Oslo's country NORWAY
Pair of Spivak pronouns EYEM
Part of a racetrack or a highway LANE
Person you look up to IDOL
Playing card that's not a heart, diamond or spade CLUB
Pokes fun at TEASES
Pop like a balloon BURST
Practical application USE
Prefix for 'biography' AUTO
Pulled with effort HAULED
Refine over time HONE
Region AREA
Reside DWELL
Sandwiches made with Korean-style grilled meat BULGOGIWRAPS
Sharp increase SPIKE
Shelters made with pukaangajuq IGLOOS
Stat announced by a pilot ETA
Talons CLAWS
The third, in Roman numerals III
The y in tyvm YOU
Thieved STOLE
Third-person pronoun in Spanish ELLE
Tiny rock PEBBLE
Try to win the affections of WOO
University official DEAN
Use the nonwriting end of a pencil ERASE
Very excited EAGER
What locs are made of HAIR
What people born on Aug. 1 are, astrologically LEOS
Writer of odes or tanka POET
___ and flow EBB
___ on the side of caution ERR