USA Today - Sep 2 2021

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Clues Answers
'Already watched that' SEENIT
'Always Be My Maybe' star Wong ALI
'Ciao' TATA
'Gnarly!' RAD
'Jeopardy!' champ Abdul-Jabbar KAREEM
'Makes sense!' ISEE
'Obvi' DUH
'Oh, and . . .' ALSO
'Rosanna by ___ but every time it says rosanna i say banana and take a bite of a banana' (YouTube video) TOTO
'Tada!' PRESTO
'The Gods Love Nubia' musical AIDA
'Ugh' ICK
'___ there' ('Count me in!') IMSO
1725 Slough Avenue, Scranton, PA, for example ADDRESS
Absence of snags EASE
African country hidden in 'Somalia' MALI
Aussie birds EMUS
Basic top TEE
Bird feeder bit SEED
Careless SLOPPY
Causes of distress WOES
Cave sound effect ECHO
Chafing remedy ALOE
Chrysler Sebring, for one CAR
City home to the AUDL's Mechanix DETROIT
Civil rights leader Luper CLARA
Clarification regarding two people with the same last name NORELATION
Cleveland athlete, for short CAV
Communal creation location MAKERSPACE
Computer port letters USB
Couch SOFA
Cousins, aunts, etc KIN
Deli meat SALAMI
Devoted hooper's motto BALLISLIFE
Discusses work at happy hour, for example TALKSSHOP
Fake people POSERS
Farmed fish TILAPIA
Fashion magazine with a palindromic name ELLE
Clues Answers
First-aid box KIT
Food that might be candied YAMS
Food that might be steel-cut OATS
Fork tip TINE
Fuel-carrying ship OILER
Give a score RATE
Go 50-50 on SPLIT
Have a bite EAT
Historic span ERA
Long fish EEL
Long-lasting hair treatment PERM
Low voice BASS
Make larger by adjusting a seam LETOUT
Makes angry RILESUP
Mined resource ORE
Neck accessory ASCOT
Note between fa and la SOL
Old photo tone SEPIA
Org. co-founded by Helen Keller ACLU
Pedicure places SPAS
People who lived in present-day Ohio, New York and Pennsylvania ERIE
Person from around here LOCAL
Petition holder CLIPBOARD
Pub order ALE
Punxsutawney ___ (groundhog) PHIL
Romantic mailing LOVELETTER
Sea north of Poland BALTIC
Singer Redding OTIS
Sound system STEREO
The 'it' in 20-Across, maybe RERUN
They're similar to B&Bs INNS
Use a straw SIP
Use a wooden spoon STIR
Winter flakes SNOW
Wrath IRE
___ coffee ICED
___ coffee DRIP
___-friendly (easy to operate) USER