USA Today - Aug 31 2021

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Clues Answers
'A Black Lady Sketch Show' creator Thede ROBIN
'Dream on!' ASIF
'Get lost!' SCRAM
'Haven't a clue' NOIDEA
'Hold ___ your hats!' ONTO
'I call dibs!' MINE
'Let me not forget . . .' NOTETOSELF
'One Night in Miami' star Hodge Aldis
'Permission to Dance' band BTS
Accompanying WITH
Addition result TOTAL
Agua ___ FRESCA
Alternatives to heels FLATS
Amount owed DEBT
Biblical garden EDEN
Black-and-white cookie OREO
Boat problem LEAK
Body of water SEA
Casual lunch spot CAFE
Cease END
Closest pal BESTFRIEND
Comedian Funches RON
Corn on the ___ COB
Do as ordered OBEY
Fawn's mom DOE
Frustrated dog's sound GRR
Garden figurine GNOME
Glue brand ELMERS
Gradually change EVOLVE
Guitar accessory STRAP
Hailed ride CAB
Hair removal brand NAIR
Insect that Scott Lang can control ANT
Installed cabinet locks, for example BABYPROOFED
Clues Answers
Light wood BALSA
Like an eyeroll-inducing joke CORNY
Long-eared equine ASS
Lydia Valentin's country SPAIN
Many 'Chicken Run' characters HENS
Muppet who lives with Ernie BERT
Notable time periods ERAS
Off in the distance AFAR
One of three in a carbon dioxide molecule ATOM
Oodles ALOT
Open to having multiple romantic partners POLY
Opposite of stiff LIMP
Panang curry cuisine THAI
Papas DADS
Places for murals WALLS
Places with squat racks GYMS
Purse or backpack BAG
Recedes EBBS
Reversed a previous decision BACKTRACKED
Salon supply DYE
Shower scrubbers LOOFAHS
Sign before Taurus ARIES
Singer's pride VOICE
Some haircare products OILS
Subj. aptly hidden in 'trade control' ECON
Summer camp vessel CANOE
Tiered tower PAGODA
Topics in nutritional anthropology DIETS
Toward sunrise EAST
Tummy problem ACHE
Verb that's a homophone of 37-Across SEE
Web browser destination SITE
Without clothes NAKED
WNBA star Nurse KIA
Workout unit REP
___ goal (hockey error) OWN
___ matcha latte ICED
___ poles (agility course obstacles) WEAVE