USA Today - Aug 30 2021

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Clues Answers
'Code Switch' network NPR
'Eww!' ICK
'Finally, the work week is over!' TGIF
'I get it, I get it!' OKOK
'Ignore that bad word I just said' PARDONMYFRENCH
'You Gotta Be' singer Des'___ REE
Actor ___ Ross EVAN
After this NEXT
Austen title character EMMA
Basketball legend Bird SUE
Bear's lair DEN
Britney Spears song with the lyric 'That is just so typically me' OOPSIDIDITAGAIN
Cake layer TIER
Containers for tips JARS
Corp. bigwigs CEOS
Covered in suds SOAPY
Curved structure ARCH
Direction opposite oeste ESTE
Emcees give them INTROS
Enjoy some tibs, for example EAT
Exam for a future judge LSAT
Fail to excite BORE
Grassy pond plant REED
Greek salad cheese FETA
H.S. diploma equivalent GED
Heart of the matter CRUX
High school dance PROM
Hit that's not squarely hit, in baseball EXCUSEMESINGLE
Huevos, in English EGGS
Inquired ASKED
Itchy parts of some shirts TAGS
Japanese money YEN
Just a ___ (only a little) TAD
LGBT History Month (Abbr.) OCT
Like soda after sitting out for a while FLAT
Long time period EON
Made a choice OPTED
Mar. 14 dessert PIE
Mess up ERR
Clues Answers
Midday nap SIESTA
NYSE event IPO
Olden days YORE
Olympic team for 19-Down USA
Orchard fruit APPLE
Outcome that's been impossible in the NHL since 2005 TIE
Pampering place SPA
Part of a dance STEP
Plantain protector PEEL
Pleasantly sour TART
Process of getting IRS returns ready TAXPREP
Pumpkin verb CARVE
Pushed through a crowd, perhaps JOSTLED
Range for some saxes ALTO
Scheduled to show up DUE
Scissor kick muscles ABS
See 59-Down HOME
Sequoias and redwoods TREES
Sign up for a competition ENTER
Skier's support POLE
So far YET
Stretch the truth EXAGGERATE
Suffix for a record-holder EST
Sushi bar drink SAKE
Therefore HENCE
Trade fair EXPO
Tug-of-war need ROPE
Twirled around SPUN
Unoccupied EMPTY
Utah city home to Weber State OGDEN
Was totally genuine KEPTITREAL
Webpage SITE
With 60-Down, get back from vacation COME
Word after 'tourist' or before 'door' TRAP
___ Smiths (tennis shoes) STAN
___ the Funky Homosapien DEL
___ with (had a think about) TOYED
___ your own horn TOOT
___-bitty (super small) ITTY