- Aug 15 2021

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Clues Answers
''Darn it!'' DRAT
''Darn it!'' HECK
''Mona Lisa'' home PARIS
''So what __ is new?'' ELSE
''What a shame!'' AWGEE
'70s 007 MOORE
'70s den innovation VCR
Aesopian racer HARE
Annual Pamplona runners TOROS
Assist feloniously ABET
Avoid skillfully ELUDE
Avoid skillfully DODGE
Awestruck AGOG
Backs of necks NAPES
Bagel's sweeter alternative DANISH
Barbecue coatings RUBS
Bit of heredity GENE
Bread for 49ers SOURDOUGH
Brown photo tone SEPIA
Canine named Claude, perhaps POODLE
Capture suddenly SNARE
Carol contraction TIS
Carry by truck HAUL
Cause of 5 Down erosion TIDE
Central element HEART
Change in a pocket COINS
Choo-choo sound CHUG
Classico competitor RAGU
Communicating INTOUCH
Compote candidates PEARS
Concrete construction ROAD
Confirmation, e.g RITE
Connecting BETWEEN
Corporate shakeup, for short REORG
D-Mark successor EURO
Disconnected APART
Do not disturb LETBE
Dual-power ACDC
E-file org IRS
Entered quickly RANIN
Errand runner AIDE
Explosive initials TNT
Financial review AUDIT
Fly-by-nighters BATS
Formally relinquished CEDED
Ft. Worth campus TCU
Grove, essentially TREES
Has the nerve DARES
Headed toward San Diego on I-5 SOUTHBOUND
How some like their omelets WHITE
Ice cream/whipped cream dessert SUNDAE
In the past AGO
Japanese entertainer GEISHA
Job particulars, idiomatically ROPES
Joke around JOSH
Juan Ponce de __ LEON
Key to the right of ess DEE
Lakeside land SHORE
Language of Pakistan URDU
Latter-day prefix for call ROBO
Lei Day greeting ALOHA
Letters on Cognac labels VSOP
Lion-hearted COURAGEOUS
Looks over EYES
Lost traction SLID
Low-cal brews LITES
Make from scratch CREATE
Mass confusion CHAOS
Match up AGREE
Meat in gyros LAMB
Meditative discipline YOGA
Moisten while roasting BASTE
Clues Answers
Mongolian wasteland GOBI
Mythical sky holder ATLAS
Not appropriate UNTOWARD
Not out of the question DOABLE
Numbered musical work OPUS
Obtained from a consultant, say OUTSOURCED
Occult astrological symbol SIGIL
Ocelot, for instance CAT
One from Zagreb CROAT
Operate properly WORK
Operatic voice BASSO
Opposing sides FOES
Oregon Trail transport WAGON
Org. with Bobcats and Eagles BSA
Origami bird CRANE
Origami move FOLD
Oversized TOOBIG
Patches up MENDS
Pay tribute to LAUD
Peace Prize city OSLO
Piano student's first scale: Abbr CMAJ
Police protection VESTS
Pond hoppers FROGS
Pretend to have FEIGN
Prior nights EVES
Protagonist HERO
Pulls back EBBS
Quick-wink link ASA
Quite a lot TONS
Resort town on the English Channel BOURNEMOUTH
Running wild ONASPREE
Samoan city PAGOPAGO
School support grps PTAS
Significant OFNOTE
Solemn promise OATH
Solo of sci-fi HAN
Sonata movement RONDO
Soothes with cubes ICES
Source of ''Les Miz'' HUGO
Southwestern art center TAOS
Spot for soaking BATH
Spring shape COIL
Spumante city ASTI
Squealer FINK
Sudden rushes SPATES
Taxi alternative UBER
Techno-nerd GEEK
This and this THESE
Threshold VERGE
Tiler's mortar GROUT
Touches on ABUTS
Town square building COURTHOUSE
Tribute from Tennyson ODE
TV host role for Tom Hanks MRROGERS
Unconventional ODD
Unemotional one STOIC
Unfamiliar to most ARCANE
Unhelped ALONE
Unrestrained LOOSE
Villain's doings EVIL
Wandering minstrel TROUBADOUR
Web addr URL
Welsh pooch CORGI
What Colorado and Utah are MOUNTAINOUS
What pals called Hemingway ERNIE
Whodunit assistance CLUE
Whodunit author Macdonald ROSS
With ''in,'' stagnating ARUT
Without __ (riskily) ANET
Yemen's capital SANAA
You are here EARTH
__ Haute, IN TERRE