New York Times - Aug 12 2021

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Clues Answers
'Good stuff!' NEAT
'Mr. Holland's ___,' 1995 film for which Richard Dreyfuss received a Best Actor nomination OPUS
'___ Bird' (2017 film) LADY
*Headwear made from jipijapa fibers ECUADORHAT
*Oft-wished-upon sighting SHOOTINGMETEOR
*Sensitive part of the elbow FUNNYNERVE
*Symbol of Australia KOALAMARSUPIAL
Actor Laurie of 'House' HUGH
Actress/TV host Palmer KEKE
Alternative to a Ding Dong HOHO
Author Gaiman NEIL
Beside the point TANGENTIAL
Channel with the slogan 'Boom.' TNT
Common typo for an exclamation point ONE
Computer processor parts CORES
Drill, for instance TEST
Dynamism VIM
Faun lookalike SATYR
Figure in international relations ENVOY
First name in Surrealism SALVADOR
French greeting ALLO
Freshness SASS
Globe ORB
Golf great Lorena OCHOA
Grate pains? HIGHHEELS
Great time, informally GAS
Hazard in maritime travel REEF
Heart chart, for short ECG
Help wanteds? ABET
Home to the oldest continuously functioning university in the Americas (since 1551) LIMA
In the main? ATSEA
It was once sold medically under the commercial name Delysid LSD
It's found near a trap DELT
José ___ (frozen foods brand) OLE
Kind of market FLEA
Lawful LICIT
Lead-in to -vocal EQUI
Clues Answers
Leave inconspicuously, with 'out' DIP
Michelle who was FIFA's Female Player of the Century AKERS
Needle TAUNT
Not well ILL
Obama's Secret Service code name RENEGADE
One in a pod ORCA
One might stand on a table LAMP
Org. with gym memberships YMCA
Part of A.B.S.: Abbr SYS
Passed out DEALT
Preposterous DAFT
Repetitive musical form RONDO
Sally ___ (English teacake) LUNN
Sch. with a campus in Narragansett URI
See 34-Across ACT
Serving with dal makhani NAAN
Shade akin to turquoise AQUA
Sister publication of Jet magazine EBONY
Some summer deliveries LEOS
Some textile specialists DYERS
Sound of a snicker HEH
Spice qtys TSPS
Sporty vehicles UTES
Sprout BUD
Standout in one's field ICON
Store near Rockefeller Center, familiarly SAKS
Stretch of the red carpet? LIMO
Superficially ATAGLANCE
Tech review site CNET
Titaness of myth RHEA
To be remembered for all time EPIC
Tour de France units: Abbr KMS
Warmer in the winter COCOA
What each asterisked clue's answer does, to correct a misnomer? CALLSITLIKEITIS
When doubled, 'Good one' HAR
With 51-Across, something to 'read' RIOT
Word with sport or spirit TEAM