USA Today - Jun 25 2010

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Clues Answers
"Hurry up and ___" WAIT
"Star Wars: The Phantom Menace" boy ANI
"___ you asked . . ." SINCE
Actress and lover of Charles II GWYN
Artist's coverall SMOCK
Baltic republic ESTONIA
Become parents to ADOPT
Bee-fitting description? APIAN
Blue opponent GRAY
BP subsidiary ARCO
Buckeye State city DUBLINOHIO
Certain ratite EMU
Certain salmon (Var.) COHOE
Chain link? STORE
Charged particle ION
Chicken-king link ALA
Chinese Chairman MAO
Collection of sayings ANA
Dent in the coastline INLET
Economic upswing BOOM
Energetic for one's age SPRY
Exercise, as authority WIELD
Fiery felony ARSON
Flaky minerals MICAS
Flap on medieval breeches CODPIECE
Gem State city MOSCOWIDAHO
Get undressed STRIP
Ghana money CEDI
Gives off EMITS
Good or bad indicator OMEN
Govt. research org. based in Bethesda NIH
Hearty brews ALES
Hollow muffin-shaped pastry POPOVER
Ignition insert KEY
Kind of blinds MINI
Land of Molly Bloom EIRE
Ledger-domain pro? CPA
Left Bank river SEINE
Lone Star State city PARISTEXAS
Clues Answers
Lord's estate DEMESNE
Low bones TARSI
Mamas' singing partners PAPAS
Mendelssohn wrote one at age 16 OCTET
Meredith's "Family Ties" role ELYSE
Moisten a turkey BASTE
Mongrel dogs CURS
No. 4 on an icy floor ORR
Of the earth TERRENE
Org. once headed by George Tenet CIA
Out in front AHEAD
Paving stone SETT
Pays to use temporarily RENTS
Peach State city ROMEGEORGIA
Pilots' announcements, for short ETAS
Plumbers' concerns DRIPS
Prayerful chants MANTRAS
Protective shoe part TOECAP
Release with supervision PAROLE
Rookie socialites, for short DEBS
Rowboat rower OAR
School boosters, briefly ALUMS
Separable cookies OREOS
Single one's last words? IDO
Something on a list ITEM
Spoke with forked tongue LIED
Start for "knock" or "lock" ANTI
Studio constructions SETS
Summer top TEE
Superlative suffix IEST
Theater sign EXIT
TV Guide info SYNOPSIS
Use an ax HEW
War of 1812 lake ERIE
Watergate river POTOMAC
Windy City landing site OHARE
Y, sometimes VOWEL
You might say it when you get it AHA
___ de menthe CREME