New York Times - Aug 5 2021

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Clues Answers
'Cool it, lovebirds' GETAROOM
'Fourth periods' in hockey, for short OTS
'Live well' sloganeer GNC
'Lord of the Rings' baddie ORC
'Miss ___ Regrets,' jazz standard performed by Ethel Waters and Ella Fitzgerald OTIS
'Seconded' IAGREE
'Sounds like a plan' LETS
'Time ___!' ISUP
A host of answers? TREBEK
After the top half of a 42-Down, circles around the block? HOLECOVERS
After the top half of a 7-Down, sophisticated lady OFTHEWORLD
Anti-D.U.I. org MADD
Apt rhyme for 'lumberjacks' AXE
Before the bottom half of a 42-Down, keeps arguing after something has been decided BEATSADEAD
Before the bottom half of a 7-Down, tipple and then some DRINKLIKEA
Big, in adspeak MEGA
Bucolic beasts EWES
Bucolic call BAA
Carrie in 'Sex and the City' BRADSHAW
Certain protective parent, colloquially MAMABEAR
City sieged by Joan of Arc ORLEANS
Connect with LINKTO
Cry of pain ... or laughter HOWL
Draft picks ALES
Flash point? CAMERA
Follower of Christmas or Easter ISLAND
Game show shout-out HIMOM
Grammy category OPERA
Graph component AXIS
Graph component GRID
Green smoothie ingredient KIWI
Gummy candy brand HARIBO
Hard one to teach, in a saying OLDDOG
His murder elicited the first wail of mourning, in Islamic accounts ABEL
Hybrid creature of myth MERMAID
Hybrid creature of myth CENTAUR
Icy remark? BRR
Inits. in a.m. TV GMA
Clues Answers
Isle known as 'The Gathering Place' OAHU
It may be wireless BRA
Japanese automaker ISUZU
Kicked things off OPENED
King of cubs LION
Late-night interviewee, e.g TVGUEST
Lead-in to care MEDI
Leave out OMIT
Letdown at a fireworks show DUD
Liquid-Plumr alternative DRANO
Major talking point on CNBC, maybe IPO
Maneuverable, in nautical lingo YAR
MC ___ of N.W.A REN
Philosopher Mo-___ TZE
Playwright Bertolt BRECHT
Pole worker ELF
Portrait seen on renminbi bank notes MAO
Prerelease, in Silicon Valley BETA
Rival of Athens SPARTA
Rubbish receptacle ASHBIN
Some tribal leaders on 'Game of Thrones' KHALS
Son in 'Tess of the D'Urbervilles' ALEC
Sport shooting variety TRAP
Sport shooting variety SKEET
Stained, in a way INKY
Stopped producing new leads, as an investigation WENTCOLD
Sushi bar choice AHI
Sushi bar choice EEL
Talk up TOUT
That, en España ESO
They might be tied using a taiko musubi ('drum knot') OBIS
Throat malady, for short STREP
Total War game company SEGA
When the Lyrid meteor shower typically peaks APRIL
Where you might search for a lead? IMDB
You can see right through it GLASS
___ Pizza (punny trattoria name) PISA