Canadiana - Aug 2 2021

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Clues Answers
747's JETS
Actress Gardner, for one AVA
Bound TIED
Cat calls MEOWS
Certain SURE
Clarkson's successor JEAN
Constellation near Scor-pius ARA
Corroded, in a way ATE
Cotton fabric DENIM
Cubic meter STERE
Damon Allen, for one ARGO
Dipteron GNAT
Effrontery GALL
Evergreen shrub OLEA
Extinct New Zealand birds MOAS
Farewells BYES
Giant OGRE
Hard of hearing DEAF
Head part EAR
Hotel INN
Iconic English architect WREN
Inspiration IDEA
Invalid NULL
Knitter's stitch PURL
Legume PEA
List part ITEM
Makes sense ADDSUP
Mat or mate preceder AUTO
Methinks thou ____ DOST
Mexican meal TACO
Mil. stockpile AMMO
Mine entrance ADIT
Moby's mouth MAW
Clues Answers
Nation in central Eur AUS
Nervous EDGY
Nightfall, to Tennyson EVE
No, to Normand NON
Note in Guido's scale ELA
Our smallest prov PEI
Paint DAUB
Part 1 of today's quotation OFTENWE
Part 2 of today's quota-tion LEARN
Part 3 of today's quotation OUR
Part 4 of today's quota-tion SONGSWHENITIS
Part 5 of today's quotation TOOLATETOSING
Passion of 48 Across ART
Persian person of note AGA
Plant life FLORA
Plant part AWN
Pocketbook ETUI
Prompt CUE
Pulverize MASH
Re-sell a ticket SCALP
Resend a bill DUN
Rose up suddenly LOOMED
Self centered one EGOTIST
Spoken ORAL
Spot SPY
Substitute, abbr ALT
Tangerine and grapefruit hybrid UGLI
The person quoted CARR
Thus far YET
To and ____ FRO
Toper SOT
World's longest river NILE
____de plume NOM