Family Time - Aug 2 2021

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Clues Answers
"Do you have ___ more?" ANY
"Get out of my lane!" sound HONK
"Hi" in HI ALOHA
"Ozma of Oz," for example TITLE
"Ta-ta" BYE
Amount to pay in a restaurant TAB
Big sale type CLEARANCE
Burden to bear ONUS
Butter portin PAT
By oneself ALONE
Call off END
Catastrophic, to an archaeologist? RUINOUS
CD player's important part (2 words) LASERBEAM
Confer honor upon ENNOBLE
Construct, as a 10-story building ERECT
Crane relative EGRET
Defy authority REBEL
Each, to a grocer PER
Firefighter's tool HOSE
Fishing line holder REEL
Fishing net SEINE
Fluffy accessory BOA
Fob-ulous item WATCH
Free from (with "of") RID
Get earth off your skin WASH
Having a little pre-stuffing nibble? TASTING
House of Romanov ruler TSAR
How do you crush a spider's spirit? (3 words) STEPONIT
Intelligent SMART
Clues Answers
It can be booted TOE
It can hold many things HAND
Knowing what's going on AWARE
Last word of "America the Beautiful" SEA
Like a freshly sharpened knife KEEN
Like something in shreds TORN
Like soup that's too thin WATERY
Love to pieces ADORE
Main dish ENTREE
Make an egg an Easter egg DYE
Make music with one's fingers STRUM
Meaty stuff HAM
Mix ingredients STIR
Moor plant HEATH
Old engine output STEAM
Park in NYC, for one AVE
Polo period CHUKKER
Rainbow's shape ARC
Salon goo GEL
Say "That's my pick for class president" ENDORSE
Shaving-cream additive, sometimes ALOE
Summer refresher POOL
The landlord wants what? RENT
Things hanging around a roof EAVES
Underwater construction worker SANDHOG
Variety of saxophone ALTO
Vegetable made into rings ONION
Was in the front, directing LED
Wave a fist at THREATEN
___ and sciences ARTS