The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 666 - Jul 26 2021

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Clues Answers
After short time, ceremony gets dull TRITE
Agree with one playing instrument ACCORDION
Black gardening tool found in thicket BRAKE
Clap double turns on a pair of pianos APPLAUD
Classically simple trellis the Parisian removed ATTIC
Coach reasonable, we hear, and cost of ticket at Euston? TRAINFARE
Cold leaving chest tender OFFER
Company describing genuine article, a warning device FIREALARM
Daring, daughter ordering nuts DERRINGDO
Doggedly determined in entrance/exit DOORDIE
Earliest conifers by edge of forest FIRST
Exploding star, a sun? Prove otherwise SUPERNOVA
Factor in a small amount ELEMENT
Golf club's southern and western border SANDWEDGE
Good hotel entering worthy contest FIGHT
Greek character dealt out DELTA
Clues Answers
Home team dismissed comprehensively INSIDEOUT
Incident in flat close to market EVENT
Industrious type buys cooked meat endlessly BUSYBEE
No longer active, text nastily about fashionable clubs EXTINCT
Primate feeding pair a set of exam questions PAPER
Secret agent in action OPERATIVE
Spiteful gossip about pile going for a song DIRTCHEAP
The entire thing in wide gap WHOLE
Together, formerly ATONETIME
Traced original old design style ARTDECO
Two playthings are not quite fetching highest amount TOPDOLLAR
Uncannily frightening eastern lake EERIE
Unsafe in hot windy Mediterranean resort ONTHINICE
Very old worker imbibing nice bubbly ANCIENT
Violent storm encountered on the way back – bother! TEMPEST
Vote against party? BEANO