Wall Street Journal - Jul 31 2021 - Beam Us Down, Scotty!

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Clues Answers
“Just ___” (Luke Bryan song) ASIP
“King Kong” co RKO
“Obviously!” DUH
“Poème Roumain” composer Georges ENESCO
“Pronto!” ASAP
“Star Trek” device sending the six circled characters from the 43-Across to an 85-Across TRANSPORTER
“They tried to make ___ to rehab” (Amy Winehouse lyric) MEGO
Acid neutralizer ALKALI
Amorous activity NECKING
Andean tuber OCA
Apartment for occasional use PIEDATERRE
Army fig NCO
Attorney ___ ATLAW
Bad-mouth DIS
Balkan republic KOSOVO
Be positioned above OVERLIE
Big first for a baby STEP
Bitterly angry RANCOROUS
Bodyguard to Daddy Warbucks THEASP
Brand named for its vitamin content HIC
Brings out ELICITS
California congressman Swalwell ERIC
Captain Jean-___ Picard LUC
Carrier to Copenhagen SAS
Chum PAL
Church alcove APSE
Colleague of Crosby and Stills NASH
College applicant’s hope ACCEPTANCE
Compassionate HUMANE
Compound containing element 33 ARSENIDE
Contemporaries AGEMATES
Court org ABA
CPR expert EMT
Desperate signal SOS
Diet, in a way SKIPMEALS
Dieting unit CALORIE
Do a pub-crawl BARHOP
Drake, Peyton Manning and Danica Patrick have hosted them ESPYS
Early anesthetics ETHERS
Ernie in the Television Hall of Fame KOVACS
Feature ASPECT
First film to take home 11 Academy Awards BENHUR
Flirt with, in a way CHATUP
Flora-and-fauna groupings BIOTAS
Gads about ROVES
Gal of “Justice League” GADOT
Geronimo, e.g APACHE
Get a new tenant for RELET
Golda’s family MEIRS
Gullible guy SAP
Hawaiian dish of pork and fish wrapped in taro leaves LAULAU
He was shot dead in Deadwood HICKOK
Herr Schindler et al OSKARS
Ian of “The Hobbit” HOLM
Includes in an email CCS
Infant’s shoe BOOTEE
Is nattily dressed LOOKSSMART
Isn’t wrong? AINT
Japan’s largest active volcano ASO
Japanese tech giant NEC
Joint stock? WEED
Kate’s sister PIPPA
Key in the same row as Ctrl ALT
Keys in the same row as F1 ESCS
Krispy Kreme coating GLAZE
Last film directed by Howard Hawks RIOLOBO
Lead-in to masochism SADO
Less experienced RAWER
Like 65 of this puzzle’s answers ACROSS
Like Willie Nelson’s singing NASAL
Clues Answers
Male with mail POSTMAN
Midpoint of the 11th century MLI
Modern addresses URLS
Moon of Endor furball EWOK
Morse code T DAH
Mountain nymph OREAD
Mountain pose, e.g ASANA
Move with a foil LUNGE
Narrow inlet RIA
Neither ahead of nor behind EVENWITH
Next to bat DUEUP
Not pos NEG
Org. that added a P for “Paralympic” in 2019 USOC
Paradisiacal place EDEN
Part of a child’s car safety system SEATCLIP
Part of a quarterback’s cadence HUTONE
Part of NCAA: Abbr ATH
Part of une adresse RUE
Petrol name ESSO
Philosopher William of ___ OCKHAM
Polio vaccine developer SALK
Precludes legally ESTOPS
Proceeding as planned ONCOURSE
Quantities: Abbr AMTS
Quebec keys ILES
Radical change of plan UTURN
Rapper who won the first season of “The Masked Singer” TPAIN
React in anger LASHOUT
Roadhouse INN
Russian range URALS
Sauce brand with an accent on the last letter RAGU
Sch. with a Tiger Band LSU
Sch. yr. div SEM
See 56-Down SPACE
Sell out RATON
Seven-card melds CANASTAS
Seventh-game extra-inning victory, say EPICWIN
She and A-Rod split up in 2021 JLO
Singsong sounds TRALALA
Sister channel of BET and MTV TMC
Site of the Kocatepe Mosque ANKARA
Slyly shy COY
Some MIT grads EES
Spot charge? ADRATE
Stacy who played Mike Hammer on TV KEACH
Stephen of “Michael Collins” REA
Stir-fry mushroom ENOKI
Streams CREEKS
Strike down SMITE
Stuffed, in Mexico RELLENO
Summation RECAP
Swing about SLUE
Swiss ski resort GSTAAD
Texas’s state tree and pie PECAN
The ___ Mauler (Jack Dempsey nickname) MANASSA
Their motto is “Ad Maiorem Dei Gloriam” JESUITS
Touchdown ARRIVAL
Trattoria starters ANTIPASTOS
Unexpected deviation BLIP
Unwelcome hotel guest BEDBUG
Up to, briefly TIL
Vague, as a recollection HAZY
Vessel boarded by couples ARK
Walletful WAD
Wally’s TV bro BEAV
With 60-Down, what the 39-Down is sending the characters through OUTER
Zwei preceder EINS