New York Times - Jun 22 2010

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Clues Answers
'Are you in ___?' OROUT
'Heads' side of a coin OBVERSE
'The buck stops here' prez HST
12:50 or 1:50 TENOF
1965 Vivien Leigh movie SHIPOFFOOLS
Abbr. in co. names INC
Alphabet enders, to Brits ZEDS
At it BUSY
Bar mitzvah dance HORA
Baseball Triple Crown stat RBI
Bay Area law enforcement org. SFPD
Board game turns MOVES
Box-office hit SMASH
Briquette residue ASHES
Center of attention around a campfire, say STORYTELLER
Conductor Zubin MEHTA
Confessional list SINS
Cries out loud SOBS
Deborah of 'The King and I' KERR
Deck treatments STAINS
Delivery entrance, maybe SIDEDOOR
Dose amt. TSP
Excellent, slangily PHAT
Fair-hiring letters EEO
Female TV dog played by males LASSIE
Field of Plato and Aristotle PHILOSOPHY
Former boyfriend of 15-Across JERRY
Fresh talk LIP
Gateways or Dells, briefly PCS
Georgia home of the Allman Brothers MACON
Governing body of a municipality TOWNCOUNCIL
Hallucinogen-yielding cactus PEYOTE
Hockshop receipt PAWNTICKET
Howard of satellite radio STERN
Impress deeply ETCH
Kitten call MEW
Leave in stitches SLAY
Letters on a wanted poster AKA
Clues Answers
Like most urban land ZONED
Like sorted socks PAIRED
Make privy to, as a secret LETINON
Market surplus GLUT
Move like a moth FLIT
Nozzle site HOSE
Occasionally punted comics canine ODIE
Often-replaced joint HIP
Old comics boy with the dog Tige BUSTERBROWN
Palm Treo, e.g. PDA
Pays attention HARKS
Plains Indians OTOE
Porcupine or gopher RODENT
Queries ASKS
Ratatouille or ragout STEW
Rawls of R&B LOU
Remove, as a branch SAWOFF
Rod with seven batting championships CAREW
Rope fiber JUTE
Safe havens ARKS
Sitcom pal of 46-Down ELAINE
South-of-the-border outlaws BANDITOS
Souvlaki meat LAMB
Stereotypically 'blind' officials UMPS
Strait of Hormuz vessel OILER
Suffix for the wealthy AIRE
Summer on the Seine ETE
Swedish home furnishings chain IKEA
Swing in the breeze SWAY
The Brat Pack's Estevez EMILIO
To this point YET
Topple from power DEPOSE
Totally absorbed RAPT
Two-thirds of D.I.Y. DOIT
Ward of 'The Fugitive,' 1993 SELA
Word game ... or a word that can precede the starts of 18-, 26-, 43- and 54-Across GHOST
___-Ball (arcade game) SKEE