New York Times - Jul 29 2021

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Clues Answers
'Asleep' NUMB
'Make yourself comfortable' SIT
Accented approval OLE
Aid in balance EAR
Alternative to L.L.C INC
Barely manage, with 'out' EKE
Big Four bank, for short CITI
Bow-making choice ELM
Chinese artist and political activist Ai WEIWEI
Civil War ships IRONCLADS
Deputies AIDES
Fly (by) WHIZ
Follower of 'catch' or 'latch' ONTO
Founding member of the U.N. Security Council USSR
Garment that typically has snaps ONESIE
God depicted in a figure called an 'amoretto' EROS
Grief WOE
Haaland who became secretary of the interior in 2021 DEB
Hurricane-level winds, on the Beaufort scale TWELVE
Important info for concertgoers TOURDATES
Indicator of approval SEAL
It fits in a lock OAR
Items in a travel kit TOILETRIES
I___, for one NEWSCASTER
Like hair at salons STYLED
Made an impression? APED
Matcha, e.g TEA
Misanthrope of Victorian literature HYDE
Mushroom eaten with udon ENOKI
Native Rwandan HUTU
Clues Answers
NATO alphabet letter in 'NATO' OSCAR
Olympics event whose participants shoot for the gold SKEET
On hold TABLED
One of a Roman septet HILL
Point of a dancer who's en pointe TOE
Pond dweller that can regenerate its eyes NEWT
Pop star Halliwell of the Spice Girls GERI
Practicable OFUSE
Prefix with penultimate ANTE
Red Rose PETE
Roof part EAVE
School attended by Warren Buffett WHARTON
See 39-Down SIMON
Soap opera, e.g SERIAL
Some bouncers use them POGOSTICKS
Spots to keep watch? WRISTS
Station POST
Stumbling syllables UHS
Tesla, e.g SERB
Test format ... or a hint to understanding three of this puzzle's clues FILLINTHEBLANK
Thurman of 'Gattaca' UMA
Turf SOD
U.S. Navy O-1: Abbr ENS
Unlikely trick taker TREY
Valuable violins, for short STRADS
Vouch for ATTESTTO
What the verb ending '-ise' isn't spelled with ZED
Where bursitis may appear KNEE
With 44-Down, only playwright to have a New York City theater named after him while still alive NEIL
Word with bacon or rumble STRIP
Wouldn't settle, say SUED
___more and more PRESIDENTS