New York Times - Jun 28 1997

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Clues Answers
'Gypsy' star, 1989 TYNEDALY
'The In-Laws' co-star FALK
'The Lion King' hero SIMBA
'The Plague' setting ALGERIA
'Toy Story,' for one ANIMATEDCARTOON
1987 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee BODIDDLEY
A singing Jackson MAHALIA
Act like an icicle? EAVESDROP
Art and Chip Sansom comic, with 'The' BORNLOSER
Berth of a baby? BASSINET
Bridge tower PYLON
Cape ___, westernmost point in Africa VERDE
Carlo ___, creator of Pinocchio COLLODI
Cleave REND
Clinches SEALS
Comic offerings SKITS
Cracked MAD
Fake it ACT
Feed back PARROT
Fireplace INGLE
General assemblies ARMIES
Glass house, of sorts ANTFARM
Half of an 80's TV team ALLIE
Holt of old westerns TIM
Hummus holder PITA
Is clobbered SEESSTARS
It may go through the roof STACK
It stops when it's depressed FOOTBRAKE
It'll keep you out of a scrape or two KNEEPAD
Korean War fighter MIG
Lunar calendar holiday TET
Make waves RIPPLE
Clues Answers
Moderated EMCEED
Nice hot drink? THE
Olympics venue ICERINK
One at Roanoke, e.g. SETTLER
Opera with elephants AIDA
Org. that got Dillinger FBI
Part of French Indochina TONKIN
Pay telephone direction INSERT
Peace of mind REST
Polish language EDIT
Prinsengracht Canal site AMSTERDAM
Pulitzer contemporary OCHS
Simple basket TAPIN
Singer Pinza EZIO
Sir Richard of The Tatler STEELE
Sour note CLINKER
Spanish inns POSADAS
Stained glass figure ANGEL
Starts right? INDENTS
Strapped SHORT
Subject of an Emil Ludwig biography NAPOLEONI
Supreme leader? DIANA
Tennessee tributary ELK
They may take turns for the wurst SPITS
Triple-decker, perhaps BLT
Volunteers TENDERS
Vulcan's Chimney ETNA
Wagner opera based on a 14th-century Italian patriot RIENZI
Warriors' grp. NBA
Wise guys? THEMAGI
Zelda's heartthrob, in 60's TV DOBIE