New York Times - Jul 27 2021

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Clues Answers
'Humble' home ABODE
'Take a deep breath ...' TRYTORELAX
'You don't say!' GEE
12-Down en español ANOS
Animal that 'claps' SEAL
B-52s hit named by Rolling Stone as the best single of 1989 LOVESHACK
Best Musical Tony winner of 1975, with 'The' WIZ
Bow-wielding god EROS
Bridge and highway designers ENGINEERS
Chinese steamed bun BAO
Cousin of a trumpet CORNET
D'Anjou, for one PEAR
Destination for a shopaholic MALL
Dig (into) DELVE
Embellish, as a résumé PAD
End of the world APOCALYPSE
Evasive CAGY
Fail to give a true impression of BELIE
Friend, in slang DAWG
Go here and there ROVE
Hawaii ___ National Park VOLCANOES
Hawaiian garland LEI
Healing succulent ALOE
Ice cream brand EDYS
Inject new life into REVITALIZE
Italy's Lake ___ COMO
Junior and senior YEARS
Kevin once of 'S.N.L.' NEALON
Like a beanpole LANKY
Lowdown INFO
Minimal lead in baseball ONERUN
Mork's home planet on 'Mork & Mindy' ORK
Mother with a stable home? MARE
Mountaineer's tool ICEAX
Nay's opposite YEA
Not following one's vows UNFAITHFUL
Clues Answers
Not having quite enough money SHY
Old Apple image-editing software IPHOTO
One from another world ALIEN
One who's done for GONER
PC program ending EXE
Picturesque view VISTA
Place to see Dalí, Ernst and Kahlo, informally MOMA
Portion (out) DOLE
Prefix with byte TERA
Primitive boat RAFT
Public health regulatory org FDA
R&B singer with a hyphenated stage name NEYO
Radio recording TAPE
Rapper ___ Def MOS
Regarding ASTO
Relative of a shantytown SLUM
Reply to 'Yes you are!' IAMNOT
Sailor's libation GROG
Singer Erykah BADU
Soccer star Morgan ALEX
Social workers? ANTS
Start of a counting-out rhyme EENY
Stevie Wonder's '___ She Lovely' ISNT
Strauss's 'Concerto in D Major for ___ and Small Orchestra' OBOE
Swiss cheese feature HOLE
Symbol of the goddess Justitia SCALES
Tap offering ALE
Technology used by smartphones nowadays ... or a hint to the ends of 16-, 24-, 44- and 57-Across FACERECOGNITION
Tennis balls are usually sold in these THREES
Vaulted LEAPT
Verdi opera set in Cyprus OTELLO
View from a beach resort OCEAN
Wood for piano keys, once EBONY
Word before trader or tripper DAY
Writer Jaffe RONA
Yang's partner YIN
___ Tuesday (translation of 'Mardi Gras') FAT