Irish Times (Crosaire) - Jul 27 2021

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Clues Answers
18 across opens page from Norse novel - one that's yet to be matched SINGLEPERSON
A gun goes off in Knock cottage BUNGALOW
A tenor arrangement is over-elaborate ORNATE
Backing Adam and Rod with electronic loud music - the type that goes over the heads of men of a certain vintage! FEDORA
Bear witness to sons from Los Angeles ALLEGE
Clip of publicity material on one of those found in 27 across, in short, by a spin doctor PROPAGANDIST
Followed Celtic in Ireland in the boom years with Dublin girlfriend - one of the flighty de Havillands? TIGERMOTH
In favour of saying hello to section of bar PROHIBIT
In the past, marries sweetheart from the harem presumably ESPOUSES
Infamous sort of leaders from number of states - two in Brazil and America NOTORIOUS
Is alone coming out of the chipper SINGLE
Jaguar cat in ground cover CARPET
One of the spirits in 1 across shocked Sikh in Wyoming SINGLEWHISKY
One of those containing 1 down in the country SCOTLAND
Clues Answers
Presumably, he expects to find you well and he'll bring you to the watering hole DOWSER
Sailor is the type of person taking advantage of addict ABUSER
Saved the foreign papers providing comment to the audience LAIDASIDE
Set off from near east for Croke Park, for one ARENA
Small crib with this problem for one lot of the Celts SCOTTISH
Stall at Writer's Centre in Irish festival makes money COUNTERFEITS
Study problems for the ramblers in areas with too many ugly weeds EYESORES
Teacher of religion recalls Pole with a fair amount of bias RABBI
To see the world mostly from a messy, beastly place is a poor substitute for the real thing TRAVESTY
Two articles, in two different languages picked up by one working on deal? LATHE
Unprecedent events concealed by anarchist's riflemen in revolution FIRSTS
Valet leaves travelogue with scoundrel ROGUE
What you'd be left with in Connemara National Park if three went missing and were found down in the bowling alley? NINEPINS
What's highly classified? God knows! TOPSECRET