Wall Street Journal - Jul 27 2021 - Marine Core

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Clues Answers
“Aren’t you forgetting somebody?” ANDME
“Frontline” network PBS
“Jackie Brown” star Grier PAM
“That’s just too bad!” TOUGH
“The Flight Attendant” star Cuoco KALEY
*“Homeland” star CLAIREDANES
*At the same time INPARALLEL
*Babe Ruth or Michael Phelps, by birth BALTIMOREAN
*Having a greasy breakfast, according to some SOBERINGUP
Beginnings SEEDS
Big drug companies PHARMA
Bolted RAN
Bringing to bear USING
Businesses with scales and slicers DELIS
Carson’s late-night successor LENO
Close END
Corrupt DIRTY
Current measure AMPERE
De Armas of “Knives Out” ANA
Dell of Dell, e.g.: Abbr CEO
Don Draper and his colleagues ADMEN
Dressing ingredient OIL
Econ. growth indicator GDP
Emmy-nominated Jason Bateman series OZARK
Fill up, in a way EAT
First note learned on the piano, and a homophonic hint to the starred answers MIDDLEC
Frontal or temporal, e.g LOBE
Fully understand GRASP
Goal of some campaigns OSCAR
Hard Rock Stadium setting MIAMI
Harry Potter rival Malfoy DRACO
Have a hankering LONG
Head-turners? OWLS
Hold things? CARGO
Iowa governor Reynolds KIM
Layers with feathers HENS
Leather tool AWL
Clues Answers
Like a lustrous smile PEARLYWHITE
Like wine barrels OAKEN
Made a choice OPTED
Make part of the mix ADDIN
Makeup of a holey layer OZONE
Malice SPITE
Member of the choir ALTO
Movie projections IMAGES
Much-baked item during the 2020 lockdown BANANABREAD
NATO nation USA
Nearby LOCAL
On this spot HERE
One corner of India’s Golden Triangle AGRA
President between Harry and Jack IKE
Put one over on CON
Quiet plane GLIDER
Restroom in Reading LOO
Rooibos, e.g TEA
Scout’s award BADGE
Seat at the bar STOOL
Senate vote NAY
Serve without return ACE
Singer with albums “19,” “21” and “25” ADELE
Slippery swimmer EEL
Sofia Villani Scicolone’s stage surname LOREN
Some tip jar bills ONES
Stir ADO
Supermarket division AISLE
Symbol for ohms OMEGA
Tennis star Naomi OSAKA
Tilling tool HOE
TV’s “Tic ___ Dough” TAC
Vertical part of a stair RISER
Wacky person KOOK
Were friendly with each other GOTON
Wrath IRE
Yale student ELI
Zoroastrianism follower PARSI
___ and drabs DRIBS