Universal - Jul 26 2021

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Clues Answers
"A partridge in a ___ tree" PEAR
"Here's my idea ..." ITHINK
"It is true" INDEED
"Leaving already?" SOSOON
"That's totally wrong!" OHGODNO
"___, shoulders, knees and toes" HEAD
Afro-Caribbean music subgenre SKA
Au pair's subj., perhaps ESL
B'way show with the song "On My Own" LESMIS
Bizet opera set in Spain CARMEN
Black-and-white marine mammal ORCA
Captain Hook's first mate SMEE
Chorus at a fireworks show OOHAAH
Copy APE
Dad of 1-Across HOMER
Departs GOES
Director DuVernay AVA
Dolly the sheep, e.g CLONE
Dust pest MITE
Edgar Allan on the go? POEINMOTION
Fashion's Saab ELIE
Fawn's mother DOE
First animal up on the farm, usually ROOSTER
Freeway entrance ONRAMP
Garfield, e.g CAT
Greek god of love EROS
Greek I IOTA
Happenings on an Asian river? INDUSEVENTS
In poor taste TACKY
Joe Biden's "Parks and Recreation" appearance, e.g CAMEO
Least outgoing SHYEST
Like a helpful webinar INFORMATIVE
Luau accessory LEI
Mackie or Hopkins in Hollywood ANTHONY
More creepy EERIER
Musician Redding OTIS
Clues Answers
Neuter GELD
Nights before EVES
Not finalized UNSET
Note from a short person? IOU
Number of vowels in "strengths" ONE
Orphan or Oakley on Broadway ANNIE
Ostracize SHUN
Otherwise ELSE
Outdoor furniture wood TEAK
Pal of Larry and Curly MOE
Part of, as a scheme INON
Person who may think inside the box? MIME
Photo that might have a dog filter SELFIE
Place to see anemones REEF
Places to watch big games ARENAS
Prefix meaning "all" OMNI
Prep school attended by Prince Harry ETON
Relating to birds AVIAN
Saxophone-playing Simpson LISA
Serene CALM
Signal after a shipwreck SOS
Sixth sense, briefly ESP
Small cars that may suddenly disappear? MINISOFMAGIC
Snoring, say SOUNDASLEEP
Some hip-hop artists MCS
Stately tree ELM
Surname for Morticia ADDAMS
Taylor Swift album with a colorful title RED
Uno + dos + tres SEIS
Very many ALOT
Voting alliance BLOC
What a roommate saves on RENT
What Yoda said after "Do or do not," or a hint to the word deleted from 20-, 29- and 46-Across THEREISNOTRY
What's tested at drama school? MIC
Wished (for) HOPED
Word after "bunny" or "sock" HOP
___ Commandments TEN
___ it or lose it USE