Family Time - Jul 26 2021

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Clues Answers
"Hey! Over here!" PSST
"I'm thinking ..." HMM
"The Tell-Tale Heart" author's inits EAP
100,000-Btu unit THERM
Alternative to sourdough RYE
Antelope with a young-sounding name GNU
Attachment to "appear" or "approve" DIS
Attachment to "school" or "vent" PRE
Baker's abbr TBSP
Be a gentle masseuse RUB
Bible book of the New Testament TITUS
Bumps off the TV schedule PREEMPTS
Bunk thing BED
Chomp down hard BITE
Crazy adventures ESCAPADES
Dark places to explore CAVES
Fail to name OMIT
Far from asleep on the job ALERT
Find a sum ADDS
Game show hosts EMCEES
Give off, as potent gases EMIT
Headache aid ASPIRIN
Hit the brakes too late (2 words) REAREND
Holders for sand, milk and lunch PAILS
How secrets are told (2 words) INPRIVATE
Is able to CAN
It encircles blood VEIN
It has a lot of X's and Y's ALGEBRA
It leads to overtime TIE
It's in your salad LETTUCE
Clues Answers
Item at a fancy dinner setting DOILY
Kind of IRA ROTH
Lady No. 1 EVE
Made up, as a new phrase COINED
Marsh plant CATTAIL
Mountain with a snowcap ALP
My story, or yours BIO
Part of the Atlantic Ocean (2 words) NORTHSEA
Playful little rascals IMPS
School org PTA
Seriously overwhelmed BESIEGED
Shake hair all over the place MUSS
Sidestep DODGE
Speak indistinctly SLUR
Speaker systems, for short PAS
Special type of poem ODE
Speeds, in notated music TEMPI
Stately, powerful horse STEED
Straightened up TIDY
Swift, snappy comeback RIPOSTE
Take a little peek LOOK
Team spirit MORALE
Terrier's island? SKYE
Typos now corrected, in a book ERRATA
Union station? ALTAR
War prisoner INTERNEE
We support them with screams TEAMS
With plenty of machine lubrication OILED
You can swim from it BOAT
You'll find them in a Monopoly set DICE