Canadiana - Jul 26 2021

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Clues Answers
1994 or 1876 YEAR
A kind of rummy GIN
Alberta community HARTELL
Audition EAR
Baden Baden, for one SPA
Beak, in Beaupre BEC
Caustic LYE
Choice cheese BRIE
Chowed down ATE
Clever SMART
Confections TARTS
Decay ROT
Do a deck? SWAB
Eastern leader EMIR
Emote ACT
Equal PEER
Feed the pot ANTE
Female sheep EWES
Fish eggs ROE
Fool ASS
French verb to be ETRE
Fruit UGLI
Funeral feature BIER
Golf score PAR
Gratuity TIP
Himalayan heavies? YETIS
Hinduism YOGA
In the past ERST
Inheritor HEIR
Irish paramilitary org IRA
Letters denoting clairvoy-ance ESP
Clues Answers
Levy TAX
Libertine ROUE
Like this puzzle, in a way ARTY
Manitoba mountain HART
Marquee TENT
Misery WOE
Mythological river STYX
Newfoundland bay MARTIN
Ontario community ARTHUR
Particle IOTA
Persona EGO
Plant part AWN
Port or cog ender ENT
Portents OMENS
Roman bath wear TOGA
Roman household god LAR
Saskatchewan community ARTLAND
Soak RET
Specification, for short SPEC
Streetcar TRAM
Suspicious SHADY
Tams or tuques CAPS
Tavern BAR
To a ____ TEE
TSX precursor TSE
Turkish title AGA
Unwell ILL
Verve ELAN
Why don't we? LETS
Window parts PANES
With Mont, Saskatchewan community MARTRE
Yours and mine OUR