- Jul 26 2021

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Clues Answers
''Feline'' shout of disapproval CATCALL
''Garfield'' dog ODIE
''Global'' prefix for national INTER
''Mona __'' (da Vinci work) LISA
''None of the above'' category: Abbr MISC
''Sunset'' prefix for light TWI
''To-go'' decaf holders COFFEECUPS
''We're in trouble now'' UHOH
Accumulate, as debts RUNUP
Actor Gibson or director Brooks MEL
Admiral's fighting force NAVY
Airplane-tracking device RADAR
Allows LETS
Aroma ODOR
Artist's three-legged stand EASEL
Biggest of the Three Bears PAPA
Bothersome person PEST
Ceramic containers for Oreos COOKIEJARS
Chicken's perch ROOST
Cost to play a poker hand ANTE
Detest HATE
Donkeys ASSES
Father's Day month JUNE
Get ready, for short PREP
Get __ (throw out) RIDOF
High in the sky ALOFT
Historical period ERA
Human rights org ACLU
Imitated APED
In good __ (physically fit) SHAPE
India's continent ASIA
Indoor sports venue ARENA
Kitchen containers that ''burp'' TUPPERWARE
Kitchen device that cuts little cubes DICER
Koran reader's faith ISLAM
Later on AFTER
Love, in Spanish AMOR
Make a mistake ERR
Clues Answers
Make simpler EASE
Mother's Day month MAY
Mouse-catching device TRAP
Nebraska city OMAHA
Nickname for Ireland ERIN
Otherwise ELSE
Pal from the neighborhood HOMIE
Pigpens STIES
Quick and agile SPRY
Rather roomy, as a home garage TWOCAR
Regretted RUED
River's flood barrier LEVEE
Road's black surface TAR
Scarlett of ''Gone With the Wind'' OHARA
Search for SEEK
Sleeves of shirts ARMS
Sly trick WILE
Sport played on ponies POLO
Stage of a plan PHASE
Stovetop whistlers TEAKETTLES
Superlative suffix EST
Tenant's payment RENT
The Caribbean, for example SEA
Took a bold chance DARED
Toss or hurl THROW
Toys that spin TOPS
Trophy for TV work EMMYAWARD
Trousers PANTS
Unruly pile HEAP
Vatican leaders POPES
Veggies in gumbo OKRAS
Vicinity AREA
Wanderer's adventure ODYSSEY
War-ending pact TREATY
Whitish gemstones OPALS
With everything done right PERFECTLY
Worthy of help NEEDY
WWII turning point DDAY