The Washington Post Sunday - Jul 25 2021

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Clues Answers
'Can't complain' IMOKAY
'Fantastic!' SWEET
'Goodness gracious!' EGAD
'Humble' home ABODE
'Mulan' warrior HUN
'Ooh, he just got owned!' SICKBURN
'Star ___: Discovery' TREK
'The Goldbergs' actor George SEGAL
'The Wire' actor West DOMINIC
'Thought you could get one past me, huh!' OHO
'___ would look silly trying to cover its fur with wool' AWOLFINSHEEPSCLOTHING
'___, and those mares will get hugs' HOLDYOURHORSES
'___, and you'll probably be gored' TAKETHEBULLBYTHEHORNS
'___, boars will soar' WHENPIGSFLY
'___? That's when you get wounded by a hen's nail' CHICKENSCRATCH
'___? Then it may be difficult to get milk' DONTHAVEACOW
'___? They're over there, relaxing with the other drakes' SITTINGDUCKS
49 Across divided by 49 Across UNO
Accelerate, with 'up' REV
Acute and obtuse things in a trapezoid ANGLES
And others like that ETCETERA
Animal in a South American herd ALPACA
Application of wax COAT
Approaches NEARS
Barry's ___ (company selling herbal products) TEA
Baseball ___ (hat) CAP
Bed seen on a baby monitor CRIB
Bendable thing RULE
Bendable thing KNEE
Bird mentioned as one of the exotic pets that one might buy in the Barenaked Ladies song 'If I Had $1,000,000' EMU
Blacken on a grill SEAR
Blues Hall of Fame inductee James ETTA
Borghese Gallery's city ROME
Candied Thanksgiving vegetable YAM
Capital of Tasmania HOBART
Catwoman, for Halle Berry ROLE
Cease-and-desist order? STOP
Cigarette container PACK
College football sideline reporter Holly ROWE
Confirmation letters? RSVP
Contact info no TEL
Converse informally CHAT
Cred REP
Crosses swords (with) ARGUES
Cry from a betrayed Julius Caesar ETTU
Cry from an aggrieved fan BOO
DCA or LGA posting ETD
Decided on, with 'for' OPTED
Discus's trajectory ARC
Dish that may be topped with marinara PASTA
Enclosure on a farm STY
Environmental subgroup ECOTYPE
Far too finicky ANAL
Farm mechanization development of the 19th century TRACTOR
Farm team's connector YOKE
Feeling that one's dreams may come true HOPE
Flight number? FARE
Foreign policy grp. whose letters are hiding in 'foreign relations committee' NSC
Formally surrender CEDE
Frequently misbehaving child BRAT
Fruity dessert spread LEMONCURD
Fuel made from biomass ETHANOL
Gambling payment ANTE
Gasteyer who played Elphaba in 'Wicked' ANA
General feeling at a wedding reception MIRTH
Go for another tour REUP
Group led by Peter Pan LOSTBOYS
Hammer-wielding Marvel superhero THOR
Hang ___ (keep) ONTO
Helper for Santa Claus ELF
Historically significant period ERA
Clues Answers
Home run hitter's pace around the bases TROT
Horticultural tool HOE
If not ELSE
Indigenous people of New York CAYUGA
Is in a sloping position TILTS
Knight's gloves GAUNTLETS
Lacrosse target NET
Leave no stone ___ UNTURNED
Low prime in Puebla DOS
Make a tax-deductible contribution, perhaps DONATE
Make coffee, say BREW
Metal source? IPOD
Metal sources ORES
Method of communication in 'A Quiet Place,' briefly ASL
NAACP Image Award winner Long NIA
Nailed, as a test ACED
Naturalist on the Beagle DARWIN
No longer fastened, as buttons UNDONE
Not disorderly NEAT
Notch Peak's state UTAH
Ocular cleaning device EYECUP
Org. approving vaccines FDA
Originally called NEE
Part of MTWTF, briefly THU
Persistent worry ANGST
Photobucket upload, briefly PIC
Pick up auditory cues HEAR
Posted presentation TEDTALK
Prefix with liberal or conservative NEO
Pretends FEIGNS
Protectors of brains CRANIA
Prussian-born general honored with a Chicago parade seen in 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off' STEUBEN
Punishment for a 32 Across that prohibits screen time NOTV
Quarterback succeeded by Prescott in Dallas ROMO
Radial notch's bone ULNA
Rand on a book cover AYN
Reaction to a sting YEOW
Real gem, so to speak BEAUT
Reasonable SANE
Regret bitterly RUE
Result of being swamped STRESS
River setting of an Agatha Christie mystery THENILE
Running time? ELECTION
Sailors who measure the depth of water LEADSMEN
See 70 Down SET
Shaivism or Shaktism, e.g SECT
Short moment, for short SEC
Signals for mariners BEACONS
Signs of gratification SMILES
Signs that one knows about a secret WINKS
Sing forcefully BELTOUT
Small but strong lifters ANTS
Snowfall measurement INCH
Some jacket fabrics SUEDES
Sound from a pigeon COO
Sport for Sha'Carri Richardson TRACK
Spreads, as in a garden bed SOWS
Stereotypical shout when a murderer is revealed in a mystery ITSYOU
Summer hrs. in L.A PDT
Swords with three of the same vowel EPEES
Teaching aides TUTORS
Time spent stuck in heavy traffic, seemingly EON
Tributes with stanzas ODES
Tube conveying water HOSE
Upper regions of air beyond the clouds ETHER
Warehouse units CRATES
Watch programs APPS
Website run by New York magazine THECUT
What Jade Fox's darts are tipped with in 'Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon' POISON
When a song fades out END
Where some docs work ERS
With 71 Down, words before 'Go!' GET