Family Time - Jul 25 2021

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Clues Answers
"I wonder if ___ going to rain" ITS
"I'm ___ joking" NOT
"That feels good!" AAH
"That guy with the umbrella" HIM
"Too bad for little old me" ALAS
"___! Humbug!" BAH
A big, fat diamond, for one GEM
A creature you find in the sea EEL
After-shower attire ROBE
App's test version BETA
Arm hiders SLEEVES
Bed that's not too heavy COT
Bro and sis, to each other SIBS
Cause of a raise for a bakery worker? YEAST
Certain South American country PERU
Chain letters, to geneticists RNA
Collection of "Looney Tunes" glasses, say SET
Contracted GOT
Cool thing to shoot at HOOP
Cosmetics giant AVON
Do a lot more than just dunk SOAK
Facial feature CHIN
Features of some luxury hotels SPAS
Finish off your turkey giblets EAT
Fruit resembling a peach APRICOT
Get rough, as lips CHAP
Hats worn in Scotland TAMS
Hungry person's twinge PANG
Important part of a PC CPU
It has a skin you can beat BONGO
It may lead to a great reception PASS
It might be for dessert PIE
Keeping a big secret CLOSEMOUTHED
Clues Answers
Lack of consideration for others UNSEEMLINESS
Lady's undergarment BRA
Like a wee version MINI
Like the clothes you previously had on WORN
Lots of female red deer ROES
Lung filler AIR
Military officer's weapon SIDEARM
Move like unhardened glue OOZE
Not even close to good EVIL
One of the books of the Old Testament EZRA
One of us YOU
Owns HAS
Part of a train track RAIL
Participate in a winter sport SKI
Peer through a scope AIM
Person wandering all over NOMAD
Place for a baby or portable PC LAP
Point a finger and say "She did it!" BLAME
Prefix meaning "half" SEMI
Prefix with "night" or "flight" MID
Presents, as a gift BESTOWS
See 12-Across BAD
Sign made with two fingers VEE
Sound a farmer may hear BAA
Strength, money or a nice home, for example ASSET
Stuff in a dryer and your belly button LINT
The "A" in B.A ARTS
They provide creature comforts DENS
Tower of mixed languages BABEL
Veggie that fits in a straw PEA
Words determining a limit UPTO
Words of negativity NOS
___ carte (2 words) ALA