New York Times - Jul 25 2021

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Clues Answers
'Gee, that's swell!' NEAT
'Gloomy' guy GUS
'That much is clear' ICANSEE
'That's just unacceptable' NOEaCUSE
'___ Lang Syne' AULD
1938 prize for Pearl S. Buck NOBEL
1969-74, politically NIaONERA
About to enter the stage, say ONNEaT
Akira Kurosawa film RAN
Alpha and Beta Ursae ___ (pointers to 68-Across) MAJORaS
Apple tablet option aPADPRO
Author ___ Carol Oates JOYCE
Avant's opposite APRES
Belgian city that hosted the 1920 Summer Olympics ANTWERP
Big name in trading cards TOPPS
Black-eyed ___ (flowers) SUSANS
Bouncy jazz genre BOP
Brawler's memento FATLIP
Buffoon IDIOT
Camping gear brand REI
Celestial figure depicted in this puzzle's grid, in African American folklore DRINKINGGOURD
Celestial figure depicted in this puzzle's grid, in Babylonian folklore WAGONOFHEAVEN
Celestial figure depicted in this puzzle's grid, in Roman folklore SEVENOaEN
Central Asia's ___ Mountains ALTAI
Certain caucus voter IOWAN
Chump ASS
Clear, as crystal BUS
Company that makes recoverable and reusable rocket boosters SPACEa
Content of a Kinder Egg TOY
Country with roughly 6,000 islands GREECE
Delight (in) REVEL
Descriptor of almost a million and a half Californians SANDaEGAN
Digital writing ETEaT
Disguised aNCOGNITO
Duty TAa
Enlighten EDIFY
Excoriated FLAYED
Executive producer of HBO's 'A Black Lady Sketch Show' aSSARAE
Female mallard HEN
Fifth-century conqueror defeated in the Battle of the Catalaunian Plains ATTILA
For all to hear ALOUD
Fumble ERR
Furthermore AND
Gather GLEAN
Gentille figure of a French folk song ALOUETTE
Gilbert and ___ Islands (former colonial names of Kiribati and Tuvalu) ELLICE
Give way YaELD
Glazer of 'Broad City' ILANA
Go on and on DRONE
Green with the 2010 hit 'Forget You' CEELO
Gritty, in a sense RAW
Grommet EYELET
Guiding light POLARaS
Home to the Nittany Lions, for short PSU
Horace's 'Hymn to Mercury,' for one ODE
In which 'Stella' means 'star' LATIN
iPhone button with an up arrow on it SEND
Ireland, poetically ERIN
Is at the Forum? EST
It's between micro- and pico- NANO
Italian time unit ORA
Japanese beer brand KARIN
Jeu d'___ (witticism) ESPRIT
Joe and co., e.g GIS
Kind of protein in tempeh SOY
Last czarina of Russia ALEaANDRA
Less certain IFFaER
Letters before an alias AKA
Levy of 'Schitt's Creek' EUGENE
Like five-star hotels vis-à-vis three-star ones NICER
Clues Answers
Like many chardonnays OAKY
Like Parmesan, but not mozzarella AGED
Like proverbial milk SPILT
Like the three-toed sloth, among all animals SLOWEST
Like Vulcans, typically STOIC
Little WEE
Little one ELF
Lord's title SIR
Male mallard DRAKE
Matured, in a way CAMEDUE
Much of Goya's output FRaJOLES
N.B.A. superstar Durant KEVIN
New wings ANNEaES
New York political family CUOMOS
Nickname on a ranch TEA
Noodle soup RAMEN
Noted book club leader OPRAH
Nutritional fig RDA
One of the rooms in Clue LIBRARY
Ones committing a party foul ... or the images depicted in this puzzle's grid? DOUBLEDaPPERS
Onetime material for tennis racket strings CATGUT
Online source for film facts, in brief aMDB
Originally from NATIVETO
Overdue amount ARREAR
Peacock streaming inits NBC
Pesky insect GNAT
Place to take a suit COURT
Poet Neruda PABLO
Popular analgesic ALEVE
Porridge, essentially OATS
Rap's Lil ___ X NAS
Real surname for the authors Currer, Ellis and Acton Bell BRONTE
Reliable supporters BASE
Repugnance ODIUM
Roger's cousin? COPY
Rose of rock AaL
San Francisco's ___ Valley NOE
Seaweed used to wrap sushi NORI
Sharing maternal lines ENATIC
Singer Aguilera's alter ego aTINA
Smartphone network std LTE
Something to notice in passing? LANE
Spanish title: Abbr SRA
Star performances, maybe SOLOS
Steamy place SPA
Subject of Hokusai's 'Thirty-Six Views' MTFUJI
Surprising wins UPSETS
Symbol of Mexico DAHLaA
Symbol of royalty in ancient Egypt ASP
They get the wheels turning AaLES
They have springs in the middle OASES
This is a test EaAM
Tower topper TURRET
Tree that lends its name to a programming language ELM
Unaccounted for, briefly MIA
Unforgivable acts, say EVILDEEDS
Unit in thermodynamics JOULE
Utter nonsense ROT
Voting 'aye' aNFAVOR
W.W. I Belgian battle locale YPRES
Went into syndication, e.g RERAN
When the Lascaux caves were painted STONEAGE
Where a pop-up leads ADSITE
Wine that may be made spumante or frizzante PROSECCO
With a yawn, say TIREDLY
Wouldn't stand for it? SAT
___ Perez, former Democratic National Committee chair TOM
___ Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China MACAO