Wall Street Journal - Jul 24 2021 - The Summer Fauxlympics

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Clues Answers
“Didn’t think I had it ___” INME
“Fauxlympics,” e.g PUN
“Jurassic World” beast, for short TREX
“Oops, sorry!” MYBAD
“Sister Golden Hair” band AMERICA
2011 hit for Lady Gaga YOUANDI
2015 Marvel movie ANTMAN
Advantage EDGE
Ali’s fight in Manila THRILLA
Angsty music EMO
April 1 mischief PRANK
Apt to change FLUID
Arduous expedition TREK
Argenteuil agreement OUI
Assn ORG
Back for buck AROO
Badgers, say HASSLES
Bargain hunter’s delights STEALS
Basely cater PANDER
Beaver creation DAM
Berates SCOLDS
Berlin-to-Athens dir SSE
Big Sur runner IMAC
Break a game rule? POACH
Brian of ambient music ENO
Cacophonous NOISY
Cacophony DIN
Catch a few winks NAP
Cell with human potential OVUM
Challenging puzzles POSERS
Chicken, in Chihuahua POLLO
Church of country music ERIC
Claps, perhaps KEEPSTIME
Class skipper TRUANT
Classic cheer RAH
Coffee, casually MUD
Concubine’s quarters HAREM
Condition characterized by repetitive rituals, for short OCD
Cosmetician Lauder ESTEE
Cow catcher LASSO
Criminally assist ABET
Cruise stop ISLE
Cry from Dr. Frankenstein ITSALIVE
Curie with two Nobel Prizes MARIE
Deprives of water PARCHES
Deserving of the handwriting award NEATEST
Discourage DETER
Discovered DUGUP
Don’t even get a D FLUNK
Drive out of bed ROUST
Driving requirement TEE
Dryer accumulation LINT
Emoticon using a left parenthesis SADFACE
Even though ALBEIT
Event that’s longer than a marathon, familiarly ULTRA
Fashionable HIP
Fauxlympics event for brides and grooms? WEDDINGRINGS
Fauxlympics event for chefs? FRUITMEDLEY
Fauxlympics event for couch potatoes? CHANNELSURFING
Fauxlympics event for defendants? LEGALHURDLES
Fauxlympics event for Federation captains? TRACTORBEAM
Fauxlympics event for freegans? DUMPSTERDIVING
Fauxlympics event for Klingons? ALIENRACE
Fauxlympics event for tellers? BANKVAULT
Fly on a line LURE
Fred or George Weasley, on the Gryffindor Quidditch team BEATER
Furiously out of control BERSERK
Germany-Poland border river ODER
Graffitist, to some VANDAL
Clues Answers
Greek salad staple FETA
Heat leftovers, perhaps ZAP
Hibernian’s home EIRE
High point ZENITH
Hosp. section ICU
Infant attire ONESIE
Its secy. is 13th in the presidential line of succession HUD
John of “Fawlty Towers” CLEESE
Labor Day mo SEP
Latin for “in the same place” IBIDEM
Less sociable SHIER
Letters before a cornerstone date ESTD
Like some treasures SUNKEN
Longstanding disputes FEUDS
Loved ones DEARS
Lustful hybrid FAUN
Make like a banana SPLIT
Malfunction ACTUP
Many an Iranian SHIITE
Map lines: Abbr STS
Marseille manor CHATEAU
Meal starter? OAT
Minstrel’s strings LUTE
Mint product CENT
Modernizes, in a way RETROFITS
Nigerian-born Grammy winner SADE
Obsessive groups CULTS
Openly confess AVOW
Part of Q.E.D ERAT
Passing notes? OBITS
Pinpoint LOCATE
Poetic preposition ERE
Psychiatrist’s appt SESS
Ram on the road TRUCK
Ready for the cobbler CORED
Reasonable SANE
Roy Rogers part COLA
Seasonal sickness FLU
Sister in an order NUN
Slender amphibian NEWT
Slipped by ELAPSED
Small town, slangily PODUNK
Some fishing gear SPEARS
Source of silky wool VICUNA
Spooky EERIE
Sporty Mazda MIATA
Sprinted SPED
Start of a 1950s campaign slogan ILIKE
Strand with base pairs DNA
Sultanate on the Arabian Sea OMAN
Tacks on ADDS
Take on HIRE
Teasing tributes ROASTS
Teri’s “Young Frankenstein” role INGA
Theater great Hagen UTA
Tokyo honorific SAN
Took a breather PAUSED
Top-row key ESC
Track division LANE
Track event RELAY
Tree feller AXE
Undisguised OVERT
Untidy type SLOB
Village People hit YMCA
Wile E. Coyote buys his from Acme TNT
Winner of two Best Director Oscars ANGLEE
Winning look SMILE
Winning margin, perhaps NOSE
World clock std GMT
Zigzagging winter event SLALOM