Irish Times (Simplex) - Jul 22 2021

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Clues Answers
A line spoken by an actor to the audience ASIDE
Artificially-made compound SYNTHETIC
Bring up the salary increase RAISE
Building for travellers HOTEL
Came or went before PRECEDED
Cardinal compass point NORTH
Control, hold in check RESTRAIN
Deface, harm DAMAGE
Disease-causing bacteria GERMS
Essential substances turn up in mini vats VITAMINS
Evaluate worth ASSESS
Exertion, endeavour EFFORT
Film maker who pioneered animated cartoons DISNEY
Gas used chiefly in welding ACETYLENE
Goddess of the Greek capital ATHENA
Gold or copper, say METAL
Golfing starts here TEE
Groove or furrow RUT
Clues Answers
Lower garments SKIRTS
Mad as a March hare CRAZY
Nearer in space or time CLOSER
Of a female HER
Operator of a motor vehicle DRIVER
Point at a target AIM
Protects against weather or harm SHELTERS
Rough calculation ESTIMATE
Sharp spike on a plant THORN
Standards on which to base judgements CRITERIA
Strained or emphasised STRESSED
Strange canoes on these waters OCEANS
Suffer from lack of food STARVE
The rubbing of one object against another FRICTION
Thinly scattered SPARSE
Three equal parts THIRDS
Units of weight KILOGRAMS