The Guardian - Cryptic crossword No 28,504 - Jul 22 2021

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Clues Answers
Accuses single male going with beauties IMPEACHES
Bad taste of home furnishings? Let me see INDECORUM
Bath gushing in middle HOTTUB
Bum stops in prison BEHINDBARS
Character supports strike BACKSLASH
Drawer describing artist as 'more eager' THIRSTIER
English real butter oddly spread on cold toast CELEBRATE
Gear for going off motorway: heading to junction going around slow-moving traffic JIMJAMS
Initially, applicant with medical degree on day left a covering letter LAMBDA
It covers pot belly fine, ultimately coat's for going out TEACOSY
Lead away from party line SIDETRACK
Leave TV not connected SETOFF
Magic mushroom SWELL
One picks up booze and ales: try rehab when drunk BREATHALYSER
Plant with yellow spike ORPIN
Clues Answers
Pub atmosphere is accommodating for someone wanting a good meal? SKINNY
Rough lines outlining snake RASPY
Running caravan over grass? On the contrary SCAMPERING
Second pound fairy regularly left for this? MOLAR
Sex is good: climax with that woman, husband's away GENDER
Soldier waits on reinforcements RESERVES
Speak of sin restraining love VOICE
Stop on the way REST
Stoppage time with Italian team getting goal INTERMISSION
Support Remain STAY
Talk over judge ORATE
Tense one running and dancing TANGOING
Tramp's in contact with relation STEPSON
Turn down release by Queen REJECT
Very strong drug? Primarily it's found in drink Caffein