Irish Times (Crosaire) - Jul 22 2021

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Clues Answers
A typical example of folding over map covering summit on Greek mountain on Crete at side of the road PARADIGM
Bar in park is about to introduce drinks in guide that appeals to cruciverbalists PRECLUDE
Boredom is central to French university ENNUI
Bunny's missing time with church leaders RABBIS
Call for at line dance ENTAIL
Captivate again with a fair amount of the omen in reggae medley REENGAGE
Casting for Ray in The Dark or trying to pick up the bass before it comes to light? NIGHTFISHING
Characters videotaped a lobster from pleasure boat PEDALO
Cover story to drag out of Garibaldi ALIBI
Edward is one barman in Ireland not fit to serve INEDIBLE
English Times has leaderless column with a sentence that's obviously political EXILE
Fiction, for example, upsets one of those in Belgium LIEGE
Frustrated amid ripe bananas? IMPAIRED
Gets a package in the post with a letter-opener? ADDRESSEE
Clues Answers
Good books on top Garda in southeast - the one investigating what's going on along the canal OTOSCOPE
Greatly shaken consuming heroin as it saps the energy LETHARGY
It's about The British Museum contacting foreign politician with update REVAMP
It's not just one-sided? UNFAIR
Knocked back apple drink at the end of workout in gym ahead of decathlon as expected PREDICTED
Lucrative enterprise in capital for evildoer handling pressure MONEYSPINNER
One of those with as a reputation as a loser is given this name in Munich DIETER
Performs a song over heads of every expectant daughter left with those in The Nursery SEEDLINGS
Resign officially from organisation dispersing seed around Clare SECEDE
Sounds like something past master would do to expose old muck DIGUPTHEPAST
The death centre of the farm world, and in a sense, it's a shambles which older people will recognise ABATTOIR
Trim market on Friday provides attraction that's to one's personal advantage SELFINTEREST
Upsetting writing by a large mouthy type in The Post PILLAR
What fiction writer is capable of for the most part with talent? It's still to be settled! LIABILITY