Wall Street Journal - Jul 22 2021 - Chop Logic

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Clues Answers
“___ ill wind that blows nobody any good” ITSAN
A ruler may live in it EXILE
Abates EBBS
About 19 trillion miles PARSEC
Annoyed PEEVED
Asinine sound BRAY
Automatic stable feature? OATCHANGER
Brazilian coins REALS
Cable co., maybe ISP
Carter of “Gimme a Break!” NELL
Clinging crustacean BARNACLE
Countenance MIEN
D.C.-to-Montreal heading NNE
Design detail SPEC
Diamonds, e.g SUIT
Drives up the wall INCENSES
Drummer’s specialty RHYTHM
Due preceder UNO
Electrically versatile ACDC
Employee discount, e.g PERK
Extended family CLAN
Family life, figuratively HEARTH
Fancy pancakes CREPES
Furious feeling IRE
Gave confirmation SAIDSO
Goes for the gold, in a way PANS
Humayun’s Tomb site DELHI
It lacks refinement ORE
Judoka’s degree DAN
Jungle vines LIANAS
Knowing grins SMIRKS
Letter before bet ALEF
Little bits IOTAS
Loan securer ASSET
Loser in 1996 DOLE
Clues Answers
Low comedy based in a gym? ABFARCE
LP successors CDS
Many an IRS employee CPA
Northern Ireland, informally ULSTER
Not worth arguing about ACADEMIC
Order to a boxer SIT
Our opposition THEM
Over the line TOOFAR
Pachacuti follower INCA
Peyton’s brother ELI
Phoenix body spray brand AXE
Planetarium depiction SKY
Put on the line DRY
Put the sails on RIG
Rio seller KIA
Sarcastic laugh HARHAR
Sassy department head’s response? CHAIRLIP
Schism for cool people? HIPSECT
Shelters, or (with another space) makes phrases like five in this puzzle TAKESCOVER
Signature alternative MARK
Sister brand of Häagen-Dazs EDYS
Sling TOSS
Soft shoe, for short MOC
Spill protection APRON
Sponsors’ interpolations ADS
Stick in EMBED
Stocking goods TOYS
Tahrir Square’s city CAIRO
Tool handle HAFT
Unclose, to a bard OPE
Upper undergarment BRA
Uproar HOOHA
Utterances from those realizing their obtuseness DUHS
Vegetable-overcooking result? CHARDASH
Vintner’s prefix OENO
When the Sabbath starts in Isr FRI
Where congers congregate EELERY