USA Today - Aug 25 2021

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Clues Answers
'Any Day Now' actress Potts ANNIE
'For what ___ worth . . .' ITS
'Grand Tour' author Bova BEN
'No Scrubs' group TLC
'Take Me as ___' (Mary J. Blige song) IAM
'That story was gross!' TMI
'Yeah, let's do it!' IDLOVETO
'___ we forget . . .' LEST
Active Sicilian volcano ETNA
Admiring poem ODE
Annoying critters PESTS
App development process BETATEST
Authoritative orders DECREES
Baby bear's home DEN
Barbershop quartet members TENORS
Bird that might be broody HEN
Country south of Florida CUBA
Edinburgh resident SCOT
Emotionally charged appeal PLEA
Everglades reptiles GATORS
Fashion model Campbell EDIE
Financial institution whose name can be found on pesos BANCODEMEXICO
Formula One competitors RACERS
Gets hitched WEDS
Golf or tennis SPORT
GPS guess ETA
Hand soap brand named after an ancient Greek storyteller AESOP
Heavy snake ANACONDA
Hideout LAIR
Hockey surface ICE
Hung around STAYED
Ingredient in some DIY face masks OATMEAL
Insects drawn to flames MOTHS
Insects with an 'acrobat' variety ANTS
Kept away from prying eyes HID
Landmass surrounded by water ISLE
Like firm spaghetti ALDENTE
Long-lasting DURABLE
Low in fat content LEAN
Clues Answers
Make a bet WAGER
Make mad ENRAGE
Make things right ATONE
Mall store with fandom merch HOTTOPIC
Material in genetics DNA
Monster's mouth MAW
Name from the Greek for 'peace' IRENE
Neighborhood in Pittsburgh or New York SOHO
Not active IDLE
Portable computer LAPTOP
Primary MAIN
Provoke INCITE
Psychedelic drug LSD
Put up on the wall HANG
Rat or rooster ANIMAL
Rolls topped with cream cheese BAGELS
Scarlet, for example RED
Shark's place OCEAN
Significant time period ERA
Sing along without words HUM
Solemn SOBER
Spring holiday CINCODEMAYO
Sprinted RAN
Stage performer ACTOR
Star-shaped perennial ASTER
State next to Ida ORE
State whose motto is 'Industry' UTAH
Summary RECAP
Sun, in Spanish SOL
Sword for Courtney Hurley EPEE
The ___ Grande RIO
Took on the Inktober challenge DREW
Tool for chopping wood AXE
Topping for molletes PICODEGALLO
Tried hard STROVE
Unreturned serve ACE
Utter delight BLISS
Was a pioneer LED
Wind turbine blade ROTOR