- Jul 19 2021

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Clues Answers
''Letter-shaped'' steaks TBONES
A Great Lake ERIE
Adds to the work force HIRES
Alda of ''M*A*S*H'' ALAN
Aloe __ (soother in lotions) VERA
Bagpiper's skirt KILT
Be jealous of, as in the Bible COVET
Brand of toy bricks LEGO
Bronco-riding events RODEOS
Bronze disk instrument GONG
Capital of Norway OSLO
Chemists' work rooms LABS
Cincinnati's state OHIO
Competitions where chips are thrown on tables POKERGAMES
Converse with TALKTO
Danger PERIL
Descend like an eagle SWOOP
Discourage from doing DETER
Drama with sopranos OPERA
Droops SAGS
Exams such as midterms TESTS
Facet of a situation ASPECT
Fairy tale's first word ONCE
Frozen rain SLEET
Get underway START
Get weary TIRE
Gets thinner SLIMS
Gets underway BEGINS
Graduation cap attachment TASSEL
Has an opinion FEELS
Helpful hint TIP
Hollywood headliner STAR
Horse-stopping shout WHOA
Impulsive speed HASTE
Josh around JEST
Land surrounded by water ISLE
Laundry appliance IRON
Living room seating SOFA
Clues Answers
Minimal amount MITE
Mobile phone CELL
Most recent LAST
Natural bandage SCAB
Nebraska city OMAHA
No-show soldier: Abbr AWOL
Observe from the sidelines LOOKON
Otherwise ELSE
Paper crease FOLD
Person from Italy's capital ROMAN
Piggy bank's opening SLOT
Playful prank ANTIC
Police officers, informally COPS
Prefix meaning ''against'' ANTI
Prophetic sign OMEN
Regarding, in a memo ASTO
Removes a DVD from a player EJECTS
Semester-ending exam FINAL
Service charge FEE
Slanted letters: Abbr ITALS
Spongy SOFT
Stops from squeaking OILS
Throat-clearing sound AHEM
Tie on a necktie KNOT
Tortilla chips and banana chips SNACKFOODS
Triple-decker cookie OREO
Two-year-old kids TOTS
Underground source of ore MINE
Unknown author: Abbr ANON
Untrue NOTSO
Unwrap OPEN
Volunteer's offer IWILL
Walk onto a stage ENTER
Where students buy tuna fish sandwiches and potato chips SCHOOLCAFETERIA
Wife or husband MATE
__ a soul (no one) NARY
__ and aahs OOHS
__ the Red (Norse explorer) ERIC
__-browned potatoes HASH