Canadiana - Jul 19 2021

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Clues Answers
"Of" in Outremont, followed by CFL stat? DEFG
"You" affectionately in Yamachiche, followed by ubiquitous German auto? TUVW
Assemble CONVENE
Auricle EAR
BC time PST
Be indebted OWE
Boat feature BOW
Breezy greeting for Ms Rowling ? HIJK
Brewery vessel VAT
BTOs conveyance LIMO
Cabbage salad SLAW
Cartoon cat FRITZ
Cheer for Sevi OLE
Clamour ROAR
Clout PULL
Collie's coat FUR
Common detergent? ABC
Compass pt NNE
Court WOO
Defeats BESTS
Doctor Zhivago heroine LARA
Domains REALMS
Dory part OARLOCK
Eats away at ERODES
Federal water conservation org PFRA
Feign SHAM
Flower petals ALA
Greek philosopher PLATO
Guido note ELA
Hill dweller ANT
Jumping off spot? PARAPET
Clues Answers
Knowing AWARE
Lamb alias ELIA
Locale AREA
Mimed APED
Mischief maker IMP
Montgomery initials, followed by a blunt refusal? LMNO
Mrs Mulroney MILA
Ms Merino EWE
Needles partner PINS
Northern deer ELK
Not shut AJAR
Plant part AWN
Poetic evening EVE
Press IRON
Quebec postal abbr., followed by monogram of Yukon poet? PQRS
Quid pro __ QUO
Regret RUE
Remarkable thing LULU
Roman 1054 MLIV
Sargasso and Tasman SEAS
Small fry TOTS
Soak RET
Southeast Asian TAI
Statue stuff MARBLE
Stress out OVERTAX
Summer, in Ste Adele ETE
Tantrums RAGES
The terminal trio? XYZ
Tolkien tree creature ENT
Tom Thomson output ART
Turf SOD
Unspecified number ANY
Verb "to be" in Temiskam-ing ETRE