New York Times - Jul 19 2021

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Clues Answers
#, in social media HASHTAG
'Madam, I'm ___' (palindromic greeting) ADAM
'O ___ Night' (Christmas song) HOLY
'What ___ is new?' ELSE
'Zip-a-Dee-Doo-___' DAH
Aesthetic judgment TASTE
Apportion ALLOT
Auto CAR
Ballet leap JETE
Boxer who floated like a butterfly, stung like a bee ALI
Break one of the Ten Commandments SIN
Breakfast items in a toaster EGGOS
Catch in the act NAB
Clean air and water org EPA
Coca-Cola soft drink brand FRESCA
Computer whiz TECHIE
Consumer advocate Ralph NADER
Decorates with bathroom tissue, as in a Halloween prank TPS
Easter egg colorers DYES
Encourage with sweet talk COAX
End of the quip ISABADIDEA
Garment below a blouse SKIRT
Geometric calculations AREAS
Grandmothers, informally NANAS
Group of five to which is added 'and sometimes y' AEIOU
Has dinner EATS
Help in wrongdoing ABET
Included in an email, in brief CCED
Indian megacity DELHI
Issue a book or magazine PUBLISH
JetBlue or Delta AIRLINE
Keep an engine running without moving IDLE
Kingly or queenly REGAL
Large cat you shouldn't trust on a test? CHEETAH
Like some advertising lights NEON
Liqueur flavor PEAR
Little bit, as of ointment DAB
Love or hate EMOTION
Clues Answers
Money you have to pay back LOAN
Musical note that's a step and a half below A GFLAT
Native of Glasgow, e.g SCOT
Old Russian ruler TSAR
Oneness UNITY
Opening on a schedule SLOT
Opera solo ARIA
Opus ___ DEI
Outstanding accomplishments FEATS
Penny or nickel COIN
Pinnacles APEXES
Pizazz ELAN
Pointed, say SHARP
Printer paper problems JAMS
Puppy bites NIPS
Quip, part 2 NAMEDSHARK
Quip, part 3 TOTHEBEACH
Relative of a great white MAKO
Relaxation EASE
Respected person in a tribe ELDER
Sandy hue ECRU
Scarce as ___ teeth HENS
Showy garden flower PANSY
Step on a ladder RUNG
Summery quip, part 1 TAKINGADOG
Tanker from the Mideast OILER
The ___ of Avon (Shakespeare) BARD
Total bargain STEAL
Total flop DUD
Trio of Greek goddesses FATES
Venture to declare DARESAY
Vice president Gore and others ALS
Wax-wrapped cheese EDAM
Way overcharge GOUGE
What balloons do when you prick them with something 46-Across BURST
What's all about me, me, me EGO
Words With Friends, for one GAMEAPP
Writing you might keep away from prying eyes DIARY
___ counseling (aid for job-hunters) CAREER