Family Time - Jul 18 2021

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Clues Answers
"Hold ___ your hats!" ONTO
"Woe is me!" ALAS
Ancient racing vehicle CHARIOT
Antelope with stripes NYALA
Arrangement holder VASE
Artfully clever SLY
Be a faulty faucet DRIP
Belonging to you, me and my brother OURS
Black-and-white sea creatures ORCAS
Blvd. relative AVE
Brass element ZINC
Bring on staff HIRE
Butter unit PAT
By way of VIA
Chem class setting LAB
Crack it and watch it run EGG
Cranberry and strawberry, for two REDS
Did a March chore (2 words) SPRINGCLEANED
Drumstick you 23-Across LEG
Easy, simple trot LOPE
Entryway in a fence GATE
Finish off a lobster tail EAT
First prime number TWO
Ghost in the Pac-Man game INKY
Grouchy on exam day? TESTY
Growth to a worldwide scale GLOBALIZATION
Handy type of soap ANTIBACTERIAL
Indianapolis-to-Boston direction ENE
Inseparable friends, slangily BESTIES
It can be a part of a very long sentence COMMA
Jug handle EAR
Kind of truck with lots of pull TOW
Clues Answers
Kingpin CZAR
Layers farmers love HENS
Legal orders WRITS
Like a glowing candle LIT
Like some previously flooded basements MOLDY
Ltd., in the U.S INC
Make rows on a farm PLOW
Music's Yoko ONO
Not even close to sweet SOUR
Ocular lid woe STYE
One billion years EON
Open, as a backpack UNZIP
Potato protrusions EYES
Prefix with "cycle" or "form" UNI
Publicize, as a grievance AIR
Quickly, way, way old APACE
Rabbi's reading TORAH
Region AREA
Relatively new person TOT
Roof or road material TAR
Secretive "Hey, you" PSST
Solo on an opera stage ARIA
Spy org CIA
Student aid LOAN
Thing for a critic to pick NIT
Type of street, attraction or event MAIN
Type of terrier SKYE
Uncle of America SAM
Wallowing place MIRE
Windows XP successor VISTA
___ Aviv, Israel TEL
___ carte ALA