The Washington Post Sunday - Jul 18 2021

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Clues Answers
'At the earliest potential time' letters ASAP
'Discworld' humanoid ORC
'Found the answer!' IGOTIT
'Glory' actor Braugher ANDRE
'I guess so' SURE
'It didn't wow me' MEH
'It's not gonna hurt that much' ILLLIVE
'Life' or 'time' preceder REAL
'Magnifico!' OLE
'Moontide' star Lupino IDA
'No Walls and the Recurring Dream' author DiFranco ANI
'One other thing ...' ALSO
'The Facts of Life' actress Mindy COHN
'The Secret Life of an American Teenager' actress Olstead RENEE
'Torchwood' medical officer ___ Harper OWEN
'Well, isn't that special!' LAHDIDAH
'You were in on this too, Brutus?!' ETTU
'___ Como Va' (hit for Santana) OYE
Abstract expressionist who painted 'The She-Wolf' (Form of marching closely together) POLL
Acid test stuff LITMUS
Actress Isabelle whose surname anagrams the letters of 54 Across and 110 Down HUPPERT
Apple picker of stories EVE
Auto racer Luyendyk ARIE
Balm for a burn SALVE
Bandaged patients in 'Princess Mononoke' LEPERS
Beer ___ (pub morsel) NUT
Belly, briefly TUM
Braised dish, perhaps RIBS
Bug-testing stage BETA
Cartoonist Thomas NAST
Cayman automaker PORSCHE
Citadelle Laferrière's nation HAITI
Classical archer EROS
Combine MELD
Cross sections? BRIDGES
DC ___ (comedy club in the nation's capital) IMPROV
Deep cut GASH
Diminutive, as dogs RUNTISH
Distinctive radiance AURA
Drink servers (Maintain the pace) BARK
Extemporaneous line ADLIB
Fireplace powder SOOT
Flooding inhibitor LEVEE
Gets off the fence OPTS
Great energy PEP
Green stream? INCOME
H.S. sci. course CHEM
H.S. sci. course with an exam for college credit APBIO
Has drawing abilities? ATTRACTS
Hawk, as in a store SELL
Hip-hop subgenre of Lil Jon's song 'Get Low' CRUNK
Hit from a joint TOKE
Idol state RENOWN
Imprint, as on glass ETCH
Inner tubes? VEINS
Interest-free? APATHETIC
Is employed by WORKSFOR
It often gets closed at a dealership (Welcome mat's place) CARD
Italian museum display ARTE
Item for delivering aces RACKET
Ivory/Coast setting? BATH
Joey who's friends with Christopher Robin ROO
Journalist and political commentator Vigeland EMMA
Labour Party foes TORIES
Like a sonic boom LOUD
Like dinosaur bones OLD
Like naturally illuminated lobbies SKYLIT
Like some defenses ORAL
Like some questions with only two answers YESNO
Maker of More Buckets sneakers REEBOK
Mansion's many ROOMS
Clues Answers
Milano cookie shape OVAL
Modern mining asset, informally CRYPTO
Move quickly toward RUNAT
National Mall planting ELM
New Balance product SHOE
One who's not into thanks-giving INGRATE
Ones taking part in after-school activities? ALUMNI
Opera house section TIER
Orca's orifice (Interval between A and B, in music) BLOW
Organic compounds consisting of single-bonded carbon and hydrogen atoms ALKANES
Original findings (Go past, as one's bounds) DISCO
Part of the way up a staircase ... and an answer that, when following the circled words, explains seven clues in this puzzle STEP
Penultimate part of 'King Lear' ACTIV
Personal principle CREDO
Place, as a trap SET
Playlist sequence MIX
Podiatry concern ANKLE
Pop or rock, e.g VERB
Pope's feet? IAMBS
Present in a new way RETELL
Program interruption combination CTRLALTDEL
Provoke, as debate STIR
Put into a chamber ELECT
Record of the pedigree of horses, e.g STUDBOOK
Rings on strings LEIS
Rio from South Korea, e.g KIA
Scold strongly BERATE
Second word of P.R RICO
See 127 Across ODD
See 6 Down PILL
Serve, as scotch POUR
Setting of Naïm Kattan's memoir 'Farewell, Babylon' IRAQ
Shaking nervously TREMBLY
Ship stabilizer (Final part of a process) BALL
Show trials? REHEARSALS
Shrine structure ALTAR
Sign of vaporization STEAM
Slice with an avocado spread, perhaps TOAST
Snowboarder's pair BOOTS
Soap Opera Digest Award winner Kelly RIPA
Some drawings that show a major contrast between light and darkness CHARCOALS
Something measured near a vertex ANGLE
Sonnet conclusion SESTET
Space on a diamond with no runner OPENBASE
Superlatively steep PRICIEST
Surface for some dancers ICE
Swallow sound CHIRP
Take off, as an orange coat PEEL
Teen temps, at times SITTERS
Temporary currency SCRIP
They're accepted as true AXIOMS
Thornfield Hall employee of literature EYRE
Those often criticized for their singing? SQUEALERS
Travel fees TOLLS
Trifling thing to 'pick' NIT
Unwind, with 'out' VEG
Users can switch between them TABS
Vacuum tube gas NEON
Wall Street security STOCK
Wave function symbol PSI
Weighs (Dodge) CONS
What a crane builds NEST
Winter hrs. in Orlando EST
With 88 Down, contraceptive innovation of 1960 THE
With 94 Down, 'Weird' THATS
___ code AREA
___ Flashback (video game console) ATARI
___ na tigela (Brazilian dessert with berries) ACAI
___ Palmas de Gran Canaria (island city) LAS
___ puffs (hairdo) AFRO
___ sheet (doc for a freelancer) SPEC