Universal - Jul 18 2021

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Clues Answers
"Haha," in a text LOL
"Narcos" org DEA
"Nightmare" street ELM
"No problem" OKAY
"So long!" BYE
"So much more than video games!" company ATARI
"___ is me!" WOE
Actress Arthur discussing proper names for things? BEAONGOODTERMS
Actress Midler discussing a side in chess? BETTEONBLACK
Actress Tyler discussing U2's lead guitarist? LIVONTHEEDGE
Actress Washington discussing emotional stumbling blocks? KERRYONBAGGAGE
Anacin alternative ALEVE
Apt roulette statistic, perhaps? ODDS
Austrian mountain ALP
Barbie's boyfriend KEN
Bathroom, to a Brit LOO
Bottle part NECK
Colorful T-shirt style TIEDYE
Comes down in torrents, say RAINS
Comes into sight APPEARS
Couric who co-hosted "Today" KATIE
Early afternoon hour ONEPM
Felt sore ACHED
Genre for "Misery Business" EMO
Grassy surface SOD
Had a bite ATE
Hang out in the sun LETDRY
Hobby shop buy KIT
Infamous pollen producer RAGWEED
Jeer at a comedy show BOO
Joint above the tibia KNEE
Joint below the tibia ANKLE
Jumbo Starbucks size TRENTA
Life force in China CHI
Make possible ENABLE
Metaphorical skeleton's place CLOSET
Milky gems OPALS
Money on the Continent EUROS
Clues Answers
Morocco's capital RABAT
Musical talent EAR
Newspapers, collectively PRESS
Not my or their YOUR
Overhead trains ELS
Peaty place BOG
Performances at the Met OPERAS
Polar bear's perch, perhaps FLOE
Prayer leader in a mosque IMAM
Prepare to surf? LOGON
Prima donna DIVA
Pub order with a rhyming name PALEALE
Racks' places on some cars ROOFS
Raggedy doll ANN
Relative of a giraffe OKAPI
Second, as a viewpoint ECHO
Sleep stage, for short REM
Slides while braking SKIDS
Slip through the cracks? SEEP
Spanish word of encouragement OLE
Standard NORMAL
Stick-to-itiveness GRIT
Swiss artist Paul KLEE
Texter's "Stop oversharing!" TMI
Tied, like a shoe LACED
Upper limbs ARMS
Veg out LOLL
Wahlberg of New Kids on the Block DONNIE
Water, in Mexico AGUA
What keeps an eye on TV? CBS
Where Kamala Harris served SENATE
Without delay NOW
Woolly female EWE
Word after "coin" or "ring" TOSS
Word of woe ALAS
___ counter (radiation detector) GEIGER
___ insurance (driver's coverage) AUTO