Universal - Jul 17 2021

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Clues Answers
"Diamonds" singer Smith SAM
"I get it now!" AHA
"I swear" NOLIE
"R u serious?!" OMG
"___ be great to see you!" ITD
"___ boy!" HOO
*Field involving grids but not clues URBANPLANNING
*Place to plug in a mouse, perhaps USBPORT
*Power line support UTILITYPOLE
*Queen/David Bowie hit whose bassline reappeared in "Ice Ice Baby" UNDERPRESSURE
Arrogant newcomer, or a hint to the asterisked answers' initials UPSTART
Bacon ___ eggs AND
Bag of chips, perhaps SNACK
Basket such as a dunk TWOPOINTER
Beer with a rye variety, briefly IPA
Beverages made from frozen 5-Across ICEWINES
Bubble rapidly BOIL
Buy into a poker hand ANTE
Certain chasm RAVINE
Conclusion END
Copy, briefly REPRO
CPR administrator EMT
Do the duck walk? WADDLE
Dubai's country: Abbr UAE
Employ USE
Fencing sword SABER
Fish often served with chips COD
Fuss ADO
Gift-giver's encouragement OPENIT
Greek goddess of dawn EOS
Hip-hop or painting ARTFORM
Interpreting speech without hearing it LIPREADING
Lent a hand HELPED
Like some paint jobs after hailstorms MARRED
London who co-hosted "What Not to Wear" STACY
Clues Answers
Loops in on an email CCS
Love to bits ADORE
Many Pakistanis' religion ISLAM
Mardi ___ GRAS
Meeting outline AGENDA
Mental image VISION
Natural 'do FRO
Old format for a newscast FILM
One has blue arms SEA
Overlong social media post, often RANT
Pachelbel piece that's popular at weddings CANONIND
Pasta sauce brand RAGU
PC platform released in 1981 MSDOS
People "slide into" them on Twitter DMS
Perched upon ATOP
Poetry throwdown SLAM
Raw material ORE
Red, green or purple fruits GRAPES
Regarding ASTO
Reverse the effects of UNDO
Say with confidence AVER
Scads ATON
Seed source for a squirrel PINECONE
Send romantic signals FLIRT
Ski jump's approach ramp INRUN
Socially awkward person DORK
Solemnly swear VOW
Spinning speed, briefly RPM
Stone-faced at a comedy show UNAMUSED
Tater SPUD
Thing on a list ITEM
Tiki bar order MAITAI
Word after "CD" or "game" CHANGER
Zest source RIND