- Jul 16 2021

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Clues Answers
''Maybe, gotta ask first'' ILLSEE
''Untrue!'' YOULIE
12/31, for short NYE
42% of Scrabble tiles AEIOU
<0, briefly NEG
Anatomical dozen PAIRSOFRIBS
Apt to blow up FIERY
Around-the-block grp RDS
Astrological dozen ZODIACSIGNS
Astronautical dozen MOONWALKERS
Base for some condiments TOMATO
Basic film network AMC
Beat-era percussion BONGO
Benefactor PATRON
Bit of some leis TILEAF
Build up ACCRUE
Buzz heard in the office RUMOR
Capital before Brasilia RIO
Casual concurrence YEP
Cat that sounds like sausages LYNX
Chemical close kin ISOMER
Chemist's base ALKALI
City very close to Canada ERIE
Colorful quartz AGATE
Common clue for ''flea'' PETPEEVE
Cracked open AJAR
De-facto border of a sort DMZ
Door buster RAM
Dresses fussily PREENS
Employment USE
Emulate Pac-Man CHOMP
Exotic macaroni salad ingredient ROE
First Amendment supporter ACLU
Gentle tosses LOBS
Gold Rush speculator MINER
Group of goons GANG
How sarcasm is delivered ACIDLY
Ignore, as a captain's order BELAY
Clues Answers
In that area ORSO
Intro to a 68 Across IHEAR
Is a slacker LOAFS
Japanese fish delicacy FUGU
Lender's recourse LIEN
Masked athlete GOALIE
Means for marine maneuvering OAR
Mexican resort, for short CABO
Mints holder TIN
Modest eatery BISTRO
Ounce fraction DRAM
Pal of Pooh ROO
Party with kalua pork LUAU
Polynesian nation SAMOA
Prismatic displays SPECTRA
Quaint ''used to be'' TWAS
Radio control VOLUME
Ramen ingredient MISO
Root word in Argentina OLE
Rules on fouls UMPS
Sausage, for short BRAT
School near Ciudad Juarez UTEP
Skillful swivel PIVOT
Small cutter SCALPEL
Sphere of influence AMBIT
Tree trunk, in botany BOLE
Trepidation DREAD
Two bands on some radios AMFM
Ultimate height APEX
Unproven stories MYTHS
Wagering venue OTB
Westernmost NL team, once STL
What coasters may protect ENDTABLE
What some beams are made of STEEL
With not as much hassle EASIER
Youngstowners, e.g OHIOANS