New York Times - Jul 16 2021

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Clues Answers
'Alas ...' SADLY
'If you don't tell them, I will,' e.g THREAT
'Rule, Britannia' composer ARNE
'Truth be told ...' FACTIS
1995 cult classic directed by Kevin Smith MALLRATS
Actress Thurman UMA
Animal in the suborder Vermilingua ('worm tongue') ANTEATER
Band featured in Disney World's Rock 'n' Roller Coaster AEROSMITH
Best Driver, for one ESPY
Big name in pizza rolls TOTINOS
Bites, in a sense REACTS
Black Sea resort town YALTA
Bumper adornment DECAL
Cardinal pts.? TDS
Cases of false incrimination FRAMEUPS
Certain gown wearers GRADS
Distracted, as with romantic feelings MOONY
Do some bonding SOLDER
Dojo levels DANS
Fix, as a winter coat RELINE
Ford vehicle, familiarly INDY
Gaffer's supply ZIPTIES
Hannah who wrote 'The Human Condition' ARENDT
Heard, but not seen AURAL
Hidden dangers PITFALLS
Holiday hearth feature YULELOG
Home-school link, for short PTA
Last of the Greeks OMEGA
Last of the Ptolemys CLEOPATRA
Loud chewing, for many PETPEEVE
Low draw ONEALL
Make an unwanted appearance in a video call ZOOMBOMB
Clues Answers
Most sacred HOLIEST
Muscly BUILT
Muscly, say FIT
Not requiring a suit, say INFORMAL
Not the glamorous sort PLAINJANE
O'er and o'er OFT
One of the Fates ATROPOS
Palms, e.g., for short PDAS
Partner of all ANY
Perambulates STROLLS
River past Louisville OHIO
Roll player PIANOLA
Rolls, e.g BREAD
Run through RECAP
Sanctify BLESS
Scholarly work PAPER
Senator Feinstein of California DIANNE
She's the responsible one in the group, colloquially MOMFRIEND
Short-story writer Bret HARTE
Spirited message board? OUIJA
Splitting of hairs? PART
Supporting FOR
Sweat ___ BULLETS
Tennis great Monica SELES
Thick manes MOPS
Thin in tone TINNY
Train through eight states ACELA
Try out before release, as a game PLAYTEST
When doubled, a 2010s hip-hop fad NAE
Winter Olympics pairs event ICEDANCE
Wise guys SAGES
Word with hot or fresh AIR
Word with over 400 definitions in the O.E.D SET