Irish Times (Crosaire) - Jul 16 2021

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Clues Answers
All backed leaders of General Assembly in The House pictures IMAGES
Arrested in riot and put in chains RESTRAINED
Assumes an upright position in ship going around Trevose Head in addition STANDS
Batch sold by baker starting off between jobs BUNDLE
Deli's new recipe for mini-hamburger SLIDER
Describes waste of time going to short ceremony in wood detrital
Doesn't hold a grudge in accommodations one got free LETSITGO
Ever lied? Accidently, and thankful for that! RELIEVED
Get out of Dodge as principal is in favour of article on 24 down going to school HEADFORTHEHILLS
Guilt-ridden missing Luddite with broad smile GRIN
Has unfit model on a pescatarian diet TUNAFISH
High explosive shell found on the borders of Dublin terrace HILL
In part, pastiche attacked what The Sun produces all the time HEAT
It's fine, for example, to sell drugs around Ulster PUNISH
Clues Answers
Justifies diatribes one hears following The Troubles WARRANTS
Keeps an eye on the police in Ireland GUARDS
Knocked back by the French-Arab state, upsetting old leader from Ireland EAUDEVIE
Most of those in 21 down and nearly all the characters in 1 down do a job for a major employer? STANDGUARD
Operatic song from familiar film is cut ARIA
Order of canon? REGULATION
Part of the forest accommodating the orchestra - the setting for the last bit of The Inferno ASHPIT
Poetic tribute to Biblical figure looking back found in Spain in Castilla-La Mancha? TOLEDO
Recording, in a modern context, of a group of whales trying luck at finding smaller fish PODCASTING
Rising in Scots-English cluster? NEST
Some antecedents from the first place one associates with Genesis? EDEN
Speed up the process spinning record covered by one of The Doors, leading DJ and One Direction EXPEDITE
They won't accept a drink from those breaking new ground PIONEERS
Vigil similar to one of those in 1 down WATCH