The Times - Concise - Times Concise No 8644

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Clues Answers
Bahamian capital NASSAU
Beauty treatment FACIAL
Broadcast again RERUN
Carved figures STATUES
Certainly of course
Chemical indicator LITMUS
Draught animal shire horse
Earth measurement on a large scale GEODESY
Enrico —, physicist FERMI
Hilariously funny RIOTOUS
In the open air out of doors
Clues Answers
Mormon state UTAH
Quiet, depressed SUBDUED
Rebuke, censure REPROACH
Revealed; spread out UNFOLDED
RN uniform colour navy blue
Roman emperor CAESAR
Small and delicate ELFIN
Spiritual teacher GURU
Start a hole of golf tee off
Thin sword RAPIER
Went away; killed (US) OFFED
Young German woman FRAULEIN