Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - Jul 24 2021

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Clues Answers
"Caught ya!" AHA
"Frozen" snow queen ELSA
"Mayday!" SOS
Ancient manuscript CODEX
Areas outside of cities SUBURBS
Asta's caretaker NORA
Berliner's cry ACH
Casual shirt POLO
Cathedral area NAVE
Challenge DARE
Collector's goals SETS
Compass dir ENE
Computers from Taiwan ACERS
Cribbage scorer PEG
Departed LEFT
Designer Picasso PALOMA
Early hrs AMS
Eggplant — (Italian dish, for short) PARM
Farm unit ACRE
Flight stat ALT
Florida city TAMPA
Flow out EBB
From the U.S AMER
Gift from Santa TOY
Glazier's sheet PANE
Heron's kin EGRET
Jargon suffix ESE
JFK's veep LBJ
Lay — the line ITON
Logical SANE
Loony DAFT
Male turkeys TOMS
Clues Answers
Many millennia EON
Mom's mate POP
Perched SAT
Perspective VIEW
Picnic interlopers ANTS
Pink flamingos and the like LAWNORNAMENTS
Pirate's chart MAP
Play opener ACTI
Portent OMEN
Preventive shot, in slang VAX
Quickly formed opinions SNAPJUDGMENTS
Raised BRED
Reedy THIN
Repudiate DISAVOW
Schlep LUG
Scruff NAPE
Settled the bill PAID
Soda flavor COLA
Some July babies LEOS
Speed (up) REV
Spigot TAP
Spiteful NASTY
Sportscaster Scully VIN
Stagger REEL
Stitch SEW
Twistable treat OREO
Wanderers NOMADS
X-ray's cousin MRI
Yale grad ELI
Yemen neighbor OMAN
— avis RARA
— Beta Kappa PHI
— salts EPSOM