Universal - Jul 13 2021

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Clues Answers
"2001: A Space Odyssey" computer HAL
"Grammy" NANA
"Hilarious!," in a text LMAO
"I'm not done yet ..." ALSO
"Little piggies" TOES
"Same here!" IDOTOO
"Stop that right now!" SNAPOUTOFIT
Ain't, alternatively ISNT
Alexa's home? ECHO
Angle measure equal to about 57 degrees RADIAN
Apt-sounding name for a driver? OTTO
As Seen ___ ONTV
Bank patron's ID ACCTNO
Bed/sofa hybrid FUTON
Break ground? HOE
Brother of Artemis APOLLO
C-E-G, e.g., in music CHORD
Car rental company ALAMO
Crooked ASKEW
Dessert within "whoopie" PIE
Disregard IGNORE
Dr.'s study MED
Drops below the horizon SETS
DVR button for taping a show REC
Embrace as one's own ADOPT
Eve's partner ADAM
Evil ... or so good BAD
Feature of a cube but not a sphere EDGE
Flashlight batteries, perhaps AAS
Gem such as the Olympic Australis OPAL
Goes in ENTERS
Ground cover? SOD
Hawaiian verandas LANAIS
Hockey great Bobby ORR
Homer epic ILIAD
Includes on an email CCS
ISP regulator FCC
It frequently connects rooms HALL
Clues Answers
Job for a plow SNOWREMOVAL
Key you may push frantically ESC
Like "Death of a Salesman," lengthwise TWOACT
Like pink cheeks ROSY
Memorial Day's month MAY
Most common English word THE
Moves, like a tail WAGS
Obsessive fan STAN
Omits (... "fall") LEAVESOUT
Opens, as a present UNWRAPS
Oprah's middle name GAIL
Orthodontist's concern BITE
Partners of pans POTS
Peas or Nerf darts AMMO
Portray DEPICT
Red hot chili pepper, maybe SERRANO
Rich Uncle Pennybags wears one TOPHAT
Rise rapidly SOAR
Sheet that won't keep you warm? FLOE
Smart casual jackets (... "winter") SPORTSCOATS
Some tennis routs (... "summer") LOVEGAMES
Somersault's kin (Theme hint: Think "spring") FORWARDROLL
Spilled salt, to some OMEN
Spray that keeps produce fresh MIST
Stick shift selection GEAR
The Wasp's partner ANTMAN
Trait transmitters GENES
Truck weight unit TON
Use a needle and thread SEW
Warm, or something that makes you warm inside CORDIAL
What a balloon or showoff is full of HOTAIR
What wines do over time AGE
Wild animal in the dog family WOLF
Workplace safety org OSHA
___ down (soften) TONE
___ for the moon ASK
___ Roll (chewy candy) TOOTSIE