L.A. Times Daily - Jul 13 2021

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Clues Answers
"Don't mess with me, bro!" CMONMAN
"Iliad" setting TROY
"The Sound of Music" family name VONTRAPP
1959 Wilbert Harrison song (MO) KANSASCITY
1969 Glen Campbell song (TX) GALVESTON
1982 Billy Joel song (PA) ALLENTOWN
1994 Collin Raye song (AR) LITTLEROCK
Accessory put through loops BELT
Aerie hatchling EAGLET
Almanac info DATA
Arcade coins TOKENS
Authors Blyton and Bagnold ENIDS
Be indebted to OWE
Behind the times PASSE
Cards' cap letters STL
Color gradation HUE
Computer acronym ASCII
Cry of illumination AHA
Curt legal advice SUE
Digital book format ETEXT
Ed.'s backlog MSS
Enjoys LIKES
Eye wolfishly OGLE
Family nickname GRAMPA
Flight board info GATE
For all ages, filmwise RATEDG
French articles UNES
Gall VEX
Garden growth PLANT
Garfield, e.g CAT
Gibson garnish ONION
Gunn of "Breaking Bad" ANNA
Hairdresser's concern STYLE
Himalayan legend YETI
Historic Jordanian city PETRA
Jungian concept ANIMA
Key of Vivaldi's "Spring Concerto": Abbr EMAJ
Keys on a piano? ALICIA
Kid's comeback AMSO
Clues Answers
Library names TITLES
Longtime NASCAR sponsor STP
Luxurious residence VILLA
Make the grade CUTIT
Mazda MX-5, familiarly MIATA
MGM mascot LION
Monthly acct. summary STMT
Most trifling MINUTEST
Nunavut native INUIT
Old televangelist org PTL
Ongoing story line ARC
Opposing vote NAY
Part of ETA: Abbr ARR
PBS funder NEA
PD alert APB
Pianist Gilels EMIL
Pick, to a QB INT
Premier League soccer anchor Rebecca LOWE
Prepare for changing a flat tire JACKUP
Pulpit talks: Abbr SERS
Scary kind of wave TIDAL
Select, as a jury EMPANEL
Sit tight WAIT
Smithsonian, e.g.: Abbr INST
Sommer of "The Prize" ELKE
Songwriter Redding OTIS
Spicy dip for chips SALSA
Stage lighting hardware CCLAMP
Sunny-side-up feature EGGYOLK
Taxpayer, e.g FILER
These, to Tomás ESTAS
They're what really happened FACTS
Waterfront org ILA
Wild blue yonder SKY
Wild clashes MELEES
__ Army: golfer Palmer's fans ARNIES