Wall Street Journal - Jul 13 2021 - Hidden Talent

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Clues Answers
“Am I the only one thinking this?” ISITME
“Bye!” in Baja ADIOS
“Clash of the Titans” monster KRAKEN
Aptitude for a new mom? NURSINGFACILITY
Aptitude for a New York hoopster? KNICKKNACK
Aptitude for a rainmaker? SHOWERGIFT
Aptitude for being an usher? SEATINGCAPACITY
Artist-activist Yoko ONO
Battle of Britain fighter SPITFIRE
Beehive State tribe UTES
Big name in daytime talk ELLEN
Bottom line NET
CBS series since 2003 NCIS
Cellist’s tool BOW
Colorless hydrocarbon HEXANE
Criticizes KNOCKS
Driveway sealer TAR
Eavesdropping org NSA
Entomology specimen BUG
Explorer of children’s TV DORA
Fans’ fave IDOL
Flier with floats SEAPLANE
Flowed into FED
Frazier foe ALI
Furry Endor creature EWOK
Gloomy rock genre GOTH
Good times UPS
GPS display RTE
Heroic deed EXPLOIT
Ice cream maker Joseph EDY
Impair MAR
Like some 1960s fashion MOD
Little bits SPECKS
Lowly laborers, in slang GRUNTS
Mexican moolah PESOS
Most cunning SLYEST
Nation north of Jamaica CUBA
Neighborhood AREA
Nice round figure CIRCLE
Clues Answers
Oktoberfest containers STEINS
Orchard item PEAR
Org. that pursues polluters EPA
Peer of Ibsen? GYNT
Phone fillers APPS
Pinball parlor ARCADE
Play with matches? TENNIS
Plopped down SAT
Port of Pakistan KARACHI
Prescription specification ASNEEDED
Programmer’s logical operation IFTHEN
Pure as the driven snow CHASTE
Quite unusual RARE
Rogen of “Neighbors” SETH
Set down LAY
Significant period ERA
Silent type CLAM
Small pouch SAC
Spin around TWIRL
Subway unit CAR
Test for M.A. seekers GRE
Tool building SHED
Tying (up) LACING
Variety ILK
Vehicle for triathletes BIKE
Verb for you ARE
View in northern Italy ALPS
Vivacious quality ESPRIT
Volkswagen model PASSAT
Wallop SOCK
Went back to court APPEALED
Widespread RIFE
Wound reminder SCAR
Writer Bagnold ENID
Writes PENS
Years gone by PAST
Zesty taste TANG
___ Lanka SRI
___ Tin Tin RIN