Family Time - Jul 12 2021

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Clues Answers
"Anna and the King of ___" SIAM
"I'm working ___!" (2 words) ONIT
"Mallards like duckumentaries" is one PUN
"Pardon me ..." AHEM
"This is the best day ___!" EVER
A whole bunch SLEW
Admit to the clergy ORDAIN
Arrows and BBs AMMO
Basketball's need AIR
Be in charge LEAD
Binary code number ONE
Boarded (2 words) GOTON
Circle bits ARCS
City in Florida SARASOTA
City in Illinois DECATUR
Cleveland's state OHIO
Coke, for one COLA
Common deli meat SALAMI
Congress part SENATE
Cube you roll DIE
Deity GOD
Engine's necessity OIL
Everyday card charges DEBITS
Explosive letters TNT
Extremely deep sleep COMA
Facial twitch TIC
Fancy "See you later!" TATA
First word of a famous Christmas poem TWAS
Fuel-efficiency stat MPG
Genetic letters DNA
Hawaiian tuber TARO
Heading at the top of a list TODO
Clues Answers
Highly capable ADEPT
How romantic dinners are lit DIMLY
It's taught in English class GRAMMAR
Land unit ACRE
Light brown color TAN
Like any news happening now CURRENT
Make crisp clothes IRON
Mustang, for example CAR
Ninja, for one WARRIOR
Not just my OUR
Old-style "Awww, why did this happen to me?" ALAS
Palindromic body part EYE
Person who struts and sashays MODEL
Plaque, ribbon or trophy AWARD
Powerful cards ACES
Prayer end AMEN
Sandwich type with no bread WRAP
Shipping container weight TARE
Spoken out loud ORAL
Suffix with "manner" ISM
Sunday services, for some MASSES
Super-colorful 9-Down RAINBOWS
The Beatles claimed it's all you need LOVE
Tiny puppy bite NIP
Type of oil CASTOR
Unit of sunlight RAY
Was successfully fitted for WORE
Where Marco Polo traveled ASIA
Word before "little" or "late" TOO
Yang's companion YIN
You can't ski without it SNOW
Zoo creatures APES