New York Times - Jul 12 2021

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Clues Answers
'Check this out!' LOOK
'Cross my heart and ___ to die' HOPE
'The Simpsons' character voiced by Nancy Cartwright BART
100- or 200-meter, e.g EVENT
1960s Ron Howard TV role OPIE
Appeasing, idiomatically THROWINGABONETO
Attorney general under George W. Bush ALBERTOGONZALES
Band with the 1983 #1 hit '62-Across' TOTO
Black: Fr NOIR
Brought up the rear? TWERKED
Disreputable sort LOWLIFE
Do some last-minute studying CRAM
Dog to avoid BITER
Eggs in a fertility lab OVA
Electric guitarist's need AMP
End of a cigarette or rifle BUTT
Enlist JOIN
Facing the pitcher ATBAT
Fancy work from a manicurist NAILART
Feel sorry for PITY
Final authority SAYSO
Format of much AM radio TALK
Give silent approval NOD
Grilled Japanese dish on skewers CHICKENYAKITORI
Hard to understand ARCANE
Home of Cincinnati OHIO
Ill humor BILE
International grp. with a 1970s U.S. embargo OPEC
It makes an auto shine CARWAX
Killer whale ORCA
Leatherworker's pointed tool AWL
Like the wire in paper clips BENT
Luau finger food POI
Metal in a mine ORE
Morrison who said 'A writer's life and work are not a gift to mankind; they are its necessity' TONI
Nephew of Donald Duck HUEY
Nephew of Donald Duck LOUIE
Clues Answers
Not worth debating MOOT
Number that never goes down AGE
Oklahoma city ENID
Oscar-winning Malek RAMI
Out of practice RUSTY
Part of the body that's stubbed TOE
Person who may speak with a brogue SCOT
Prep for publication EDIT
Pull out all the stops GOBIG
Quaint lodgings INNS
Some pork cuts LOINS
Song lyric before 'short and stout' IMALITTLETEAPOT
Sound of a car or goose HONK
Southeast Europe's ___ Peninsula BALKAN
Spirited horse ARAB
Squeeze money from EXTORT
Surrounding glow AURA
Taurus symbol BULL
Telephone DIAL
The 'A' of DNA ACID
TikTok and Zoom, for two APPS
Transform using mobile technology, as a market UBERIZE
Trick DUPE
Turn down, as lights DIM
Unit that may be preceded by kilo-, mega- or giga- BYTE
Univ. URL ending EDU
Vegan protein source TOFU
Water: Sp AGUA
Were in accord JIBED
What a dipstick measures the level of OIL
What designated drivers should be SOBER
What Jack Sprat couldn't eat, in a nursery rhyme FAT
Where this puzzle's circled letters can be found AFRICA
Writes PENS
___ in the bud NIP
___ network NEURAL
___ to the throne HEIR
___TV (cable channel with 'Impractical Jokers') TRU