The Washington Post Sunday - Jul 11 2021

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Clues Answers
'Are too!' reply AMNOT
'Call Me Maybe' singer Carly ___ Jepsen RAE
'Endless Love' duettist Diana ROSS
'Europa' director ___ von Trier LARS
'Exodus' author Leon URIS
'Fight for ___' (fight song of a Southern sch.) LSU
'Full Metal Jacket' locale, briefly NAM
'Mark my words ...' BELIEVEME
'Mean' Joe ___ (rhyming nickname of an NFL Hall of Famer) GREENE
'Only Wanna Give It to You' singer Varner ELLE
'Pretty Little Liars' actress Pieterse SASHA
'The Grand Budapest Hotel' actor Wilson OWEN
'Understood' ISEE
'Veni,' in 'Veni, vidi, vici' ICAME
'We don't get ___, we just get riper': Picasso OLDER
'You won't miss it' NOLOSS
'___ I compare thee to a summer's day?' ('Sonnet 18' opening) SHALL
10 Down resident IOWAN
122 Across person EXCON
2014 NBA MVP Durant KEVIN
Accumulated, as debts RANUP
Alaska rolls, California rolls, et al SUSHI
Animated roommate of Stimpson J. Cat REN
Apt desserts for a church social? SUNDAES
Around locally INTOWN
Avoid, as a catastrophe AVERT
Back-comb, as hair TEASE
Bar under a train RAIL
Bedsheets and towels LINENS
Big kisses SMACKS
Birch family tree ALDER
British term for a sixteenth note SEMIQUAVER
Calcified tissue BONE
Carved in metal, say ETCHED
Certain a cappella group members TENORS
Checks for mistakes, say READSOVER
Cherish dearly ADORE
Cogitation creations IDEAS
Colorful description of fast, colorful language BLUESTREAK
Company that makes Purell hand sanitizers GOJOINDUSTRIES
Computer-generated clownfish NEMO
Creature secreting bufotoxins TOAD
Creditor issuing mortgages that contributed to the 2008 financial crisis SUBPRIMELENDER
Crossing point made famous by Caesar RUBICON
Derby dude CHAP
Determine the age of paleontological specimens, say CARBONDATE
Dryer screen debris LINT
Eliciting cries like 'Won't someone think of the children,' stereotypically OBSCENE
Escape room discoveries KEYS
Familiarize ORIENT
Felt-tip items, maybe PENS
Fierce feeling IRE
Flat-bladed tool TROWEL
Garment often covered by a stomacher CORSET
Glide with goggles SKI
Grand Council of the ___ (Indigenous political body in Canada) CREES
Highly influential POTENT
Hit the limit, with 'out' MAXED
Honey-based drink MEAD
Image scanners? EYES
Immediately becomes attentive SNAPSTO
Jareth's ruling title in the film 'Labyrinth' GOBLINKING
Jordan who narrated the 2019 reboot of 'The Twilight Zone' PEELE
Journey journey? TOUR
Jumps performed by Misty Copeland JETES
Karaj's country IRAN
Laborious insect ANT
Lamb Chop puppeteer Lewis SHARI
Clues Answers
Like baked apple chips CRISP
Like No. 16 teams beating No. 1 teams in the NCAA tournament RARE
Like Pop-Tarts, often TOASTED
Like the exterior of a sphere CONVEX
Like this clue if you removed all but the first three words TERSE
Locks toppers CAPS
Makes firm CEMENTS
Many a student at the University of Nizwa OMANI
Mekong River's region ASIA
Midwestern home of Reiman Gardens AMES
Monastic garment COWL
Mouthpiece inserts REEDS
Multicolored horse ROAN
Negated UNDID
Offer guidance to ADVISE
One of many weapons built into Westeros's Iron Throne SWORD
One submitting a thesis SENIOR
One-named 'Cherish the Day' singer SADE
Open to all, as a public bathroom UNISEX
Organ that produces estrogen OVARY
Oscar winner Jodie FOSTER
Outcry of bad taste? ICK
Outlaw Hood ROBIN
Packs (down) TAMPS
Patronizing sort SNOB
Peter I of Russia, e.g TSAR
Petting zoo equines ASSES
Post-classical ___ (medieval period) ERA
Present-day phrase? FORYOU
Puzzle out the answer SOLVE
Quality of a challenging class RIGOR
Queen in 'Olaf's Frozen Adventure' ELSA
Raven's residence NEST
Red carpet figure IDOL
Reissued publication NEWEDITION
Released FREED
Religious convictions TENETS
Removal of a five o'clock shadow CLEANSHAVE
Revered figure HERO
Rub, as one's brow WIPE
Saltimbocca meat VEAL
Save from a calamity RESCUE
Scaled face, perhaps CLIFF
Scholar of hadith IMAM
Service songs PSALMS
Sets of integrated computer devices SYSTEMS
Signal-boost, as a Facebook post SHARE
Single track? ARIA
Snow scoopers SHOVELS
Sotomayor of the Supreme Court SONIA
Source of a bitter juice ALOE
Strong emanations from durians ODORS
Superlatively spry NIMBLEST
Ted on TV's 'Fargo' DANSON
The first A of a.k.a ALSO
The Jets and the Sharks of 'West Side Story,' e.g GANGS
Thermostat settings OVENS
They beat the 'Stros in the 2019 World Series NATS
Thomas Edison's middle name ALVA
Thoroughly enjoying something INTOIT
Trigger, as curiosity PIQUE
Utah Valley University city OREM
Utensil for pudding SPOON
Vague quantity SOME
What a scarf covers NECK
Whom element No. 100 was named after FERMI
Witness on a sidewalk PASSERBY
___ Games (developer of 'Fortnite: Save the World') EPIC
___ Lyons, first woman elected to Australia's House of Representatives ENID