- Jul 11 2021

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Clues Answers
''American Masters'' airer PBS
''Innovative'' prefix NEO
''It was somebody else'' IDIDNT
''Kidnapped'' monogram RLS
''Nightline'' airer ABCTV
12, for Little Leaguers AGELIMIT
Air pair WRIGHTS
Arduous activity TOIL
Austen heroine EMMA
Automated Web browser BOT
Beast that sounds innovative GNU
Big hole in the ground CAVERN
Bighorn butter RAM
Bit placed in a flowerpot SEED
Bond in a bottle GLUE
Boxcar rider HOBO
Brewpub designation IPA
Brewpub device TAP
Came out with something SAIDIT
Color in skyscapes AZURE
Comics creator of enormous SANDwiches DAGWOODBUMSTEAD
Composer friend of George SAND FREDERICCHOPIN
Consumer activist Ralph NADER
Contemporary of Agatha and Dashiell ERLE
Contented GLAD
Cooking rod SPIT
Curly-haired ''Peanuts'' girl FRIEDA
Damon or Dillon MATT
Dark purple PUCE
DJIA tech company IBM
Down the road SOMEDAY
Edison's __ Park MENLO
Ends to some NFL games OTS
Engaged, as apron strings TIED
Escalates UPS
Fair-hiring initials EEO
Feel the same way AGREE
Feeling vexed SORE
Felt regret RUED
Ferber novel SOBIG
Field judge ARBITER
Fix deeply EMBED
Followed orders OBEYED
Footnote notation ETAL
German autos OPELS
Get off the ground LEAP
Gets the better of DOESIN
Go through USE
Goof-offs LOAFERS
Gruff retort YEAHYOU
Half-rectangles ELLS
Helmets and hospital masks: Abbr PPE
Holder of ccs in ORs IVBAG
Home in a tree NEST
Initial utopia EDEN
Innocent victim STOOGE
Insistent summons PSSST
Intense, as chili SPICY
Isn't oneself AILS
It means ''bone'' OSTEO
It's spread above summer SAND BEACHTOWEL
Justice Kagan ELENA
Kitten's plaything STRING
Last-ditch DESPERATE
Major bookcase seller IKEA
Major figures in a field GIANTS
Make a mess of BOTCH
Malodorous FETID
Many businesses with breakfasters INNS
Clues Answers
Many S&L execs VPS
Min. fraction SEC
Miner, on the job DIGGER
Morning hr TENAM
Needing neatening MESSY
Needle holes EYES
Not pro- ANTI
Not-so-big shot BBS
Old school cheer RAH
Oliver Twist, e.g ORPHAN
Olympic event RACE
One of the WWII Allies USSR
Oniony side dish RINGS
Pair of sisters, say SIBS
Pals in Paris AMIS
Person from Muscat OMANI
Pest in a swarm GNAT
Pipe-support hardware UBOLT
Place to build on SITE
Places needing neatening STIES
Poetic ''previously'' AFORE
Pointy pen part NIB
Pollen producer STAMEN
Poor report card DEES
Professional trade org ASSN
Proof of a withdrawal ATMRECEIPT
Proof of innocence ALIBI
Puts into alignment TRUES
Red Halloween costume DEVIL
Regrettable SAD
Relay finale LASTLEG
Rhythm in Gershwin's ''Cuban Overture'' RUMBA
Rockies resort ASPEN
Rooms with Bunsen burners LABS
SAND-filled timer HOURGLASS
Scott who wrote ''Island of the Blue Dolphins'' ODELL
She's not quite 20 TEEN
Shipyard center of Italy GENOA
Shrill barks YELPS
Simple earring shape HOOP
Smallest number on a bingo card ONE
Sound at sheep shearings BLEAT
Space for boat shows ARENA
Sporty Mazda MIATA
State with the 45th-highest high point IOWA
State with the seventh-highest high point UTAH
Sushi seaweed KELP
Take __ (go swimming) ADIP
Talks too much YAPS
Tallest guy on coins and bills ABE
Tax-exempt bonds MUNIS
Tech teams' developments APPS
They learn by repetition MEMORIZERS
They're bigger than quibbles BEEFS
Thing above a doorway TRANSOM
Thing on a tree SHOE
Threesome for Carl SANDburg PULITZERPRIZES
Thunderous AROAR
Tough puzzles POSERS
Two ways in a Frost poem ROADS
Unselfish one SHARER
Unwanted engine sound BANG
Verbal bully NAMECALLER
Water beside Messina IONIANSEA
Watery Olympic moves DIVES
What the confident have NODOUBTS
Where rompers land in SAND PLAYGROUND
Wilson married to Tom Hanks RITA
Woman on a Sistine ceiling EVE
Working with SANDpaper SMOOTHING